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Easy question... Does SR help when panning?
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I don't have a K100D yet, and thus haven't been able to test it; so don't quote me on this.

However, pure speculation leads me to believe that panning with SR would actually degrade IQ significantly. My reasoning is this: say you're panning to keep a moving car in focus and to motion-blur the background. You're probably going to pan at the same speed as the car in order to keep it sharp. However, if you have SR turned on, the gyroscope is going to sense this motion and move the sensor to counter it. As a result, the the effective pan effect is reduced and worsened with other motion correction.

I would think you would end up with a image of a slightly motion-blurred car with other motion artifacts.

For this reason, many camera manufacturers say to turn off stabilization in lenses/bodies if filming action sports or anything requiring motion of the camera. SR does impede motion effects, after all.
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inneyeseakay wrote:
Easy question... Does SR help when panning?
My answer is YES. Here are two links of moving objects using my K10D

Bald Eagle: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=80



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On my recentattempt I tried it both ways. It seemed to work both ways as well and I really did not see a big difference either way.

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In a vertical and rotational sense it will, but oviously horizantally no.

Now the 10D manual says to turn SR off when panning, but as I rare PLAN to do do turning it off is time consumming.... I have noticed no real detriment, and does seem to be still vertically stabilized. If I were going to be shooting a race or something then I might turn it off knowing those shots to begin with.
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