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Im looking to buy a lower cost,backup for my K10d forwhich my girlfriend can learn on. I was looking at the pentax istDL, the istDS2, the K100D and the K110D. All are 6 mp, I don't really know what sets one apart from the other concerning features, compatability, price ect.

I am looking for a package including abody, lense or two, and memory card if possible. If anyone can give some insight in the those models or knows of any current deals/promotions going on it would be much appreciated, thanks

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Hi Aaron,

That's a pretty tall order since few if any have direct experience with all these models. I'd suggest that you download all of the models' owner's mauals from the Pentax site and compare the spec sheets. If, after that, you have some specific questions, then you'd probably get some pretty quick answers here on the forum.

Here's a link to the page that will get you to the manuals:


select cameras, then Digital SLRs.

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Of the four models you listed, only the K100 has shake reduction and only the K100 and K110 are current production. As a K100 owner, I can testify that it has been a good camera to learn on and I would recommend it to anyone for that purpose.

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For the differences, some reading on steve's DSLR page should cover that into full detail: http://www.steves-digicams.com/cameras_digpro.html

I'd recommend looking at the 2nd hand market aswell. I believe you could get a ist DL for around 350$ now...
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My experience was that there wasn't that much difference in image quality between the K100 and the DS, both are excellent. The SR with the K100 made a bigger difference than I had expected, so I was happy to have bought it (and kept/used both cameras until my hubby gave me a K10 for Christmas, now I use the K10 and K100). The DS has a pentaprism viewfinder, but I never noticed that much difference when I was actually using both cameras at the same time. The K100 has a bigger LCD screen (as does the DL2, not sure about the DL) that's nice. The DS can use a TTL flash, where the later cameras require P-TTL, if that's important to you. The DS is lighter. There are a number of other minor differences between the various models. Bottom line is that they all take nice pictures.
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Here are the four spec sheets side by side for comparison. You can also check spec sheets on just about every other camera out there:

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