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snostorm wrote:
Tho I got mine last fall I didn't use it much then because I was having problems with the P/KA adapter, but now that I've got that straightened out, I'm really enjoying playing with it.

Interesting that you say that. I have one PK/A adapter. It is mounted on the 300 f5.6 and seems to have some issues. I have figured out that I need to give the mount a little twist to keep the contacts in the right place, otherwise the camera does not "see" the lens as anything but an M mount. Beyond that, though, I have noticed that sometimes the A lens will overexpose by at least two full stops which may be related to the fact that it will allow me to set aperture at f4 (on the camera) on an f5.6 lens. I was wondering if your problems were similar and if you found a solution?

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Hi Tim,

I think that I can help you here. I had heard that the problem was that the electrical contacts were mislocated on the adapter. When I unlocked the lens from the body and slowly twisted it as if taking it off, the apertures would appear in the LCD. I was ready to drill the lock hole and then backfill the hole to make the mount secure.

The problem is actually that a pin on the camera body needs to ground to the adapter. As you look at the adapter surface that mounts towards the camera, to the left of the contacts, you'll see the tip of a screw coming from the other side. This is placed right where the contact should be to provide the ground that the body needs. Apparehtly some thread sealant was used to keep the screw from coming loose, and a very thin layer of it sometimes covers the screwtip and area around it. This insulates the area from the rest of the flange. If you rotate the lens a bit, you hit a
narrow area where the thread lock doesn't insulate, so the pin on the camera can make contact with the adapter flange while the other camera contacts are still touching their corresponding lens pins. "A" mode will work as long as you don't move the lens -- which is problematic with a MF lens that isn't locked into place.

If you scrape this screwtip and the surrounding area with a pocketknife or something similar (you don't have to go crazy, just enough to clean it), -- Make sure that you clean up any chips of stuff before you try mounting the lens on the camera. Doing this will allow this connection with the lens locked and your lens should work in "A" mode as it should.

This was driving me crazy until I found the solution in a post on another forum. You woulda thought that I'd found a sackful of $20s when I tried this and it worked. I've heard of one guy that it didn't seem to work for, but I'd say there's a really good chance that this will take care of the problem.


Edit: Found the link -- pics included, that might be a lot more clear than my wordy verbal explanation:

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