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Im looking for a wide angle lense, I have my eye on the Sigma 10-20mm (around $500), but wonder how a .45x ($50 on Ebay) wide angle screw on lense would perform on my 18-55 kit lense. I have never used a screw on lense, I would obviously prefer the Sigma 10-20mm, but I am on a budget soif the results were comparable I may just settle for the screw on lense for now. Alsotaking into consideration would be a whole new set of 77mm filters to go along with the Sigma.

I guess i am just looking for any input concerning the Sigma 10-20mm and the .45x screw on lense in general, and how the results would compare. Also if the .45x could be attached to a filter on the 18-55mm lense without showing up in the picture. Any example pictures would be much appreciated.Thanks!

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I will NOT even begin to say as good, BUT vs the cheap MAGNIFYING like 2x fronts... infinately better.

Partly because the are condensing rather than magnifying.

I got a cheap set of both.... the tele WORTHLESS on a long lens, and poor even on a 70mm.... the WA though on my Sigma 28-70 (old 52 mm 3.5-4.5 ver) is rerally quite good.

Probably more curvature distortion than a true MM lens would be, but if you don't mind that very little other IQ issues. And at 0.4x brings that 28mm down to near 14mm for the need.

I would hold it there though... unless you are OK with extreme distortion I'd avoid the 0.25x ones.

And again NO COMPARISON to a true low MM lens but HUNDREDS if not thousands cheaper, if only occasional need.
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there is no comparison
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And of course I NEVER said THERE WAS.....

But for OCCASIONAL use vs HUNDREDS, even thousands of dollars for a true low MM lens.... not that bad an at all compromise. (IF you can natively match it)

Once in a while I need to take my 28mm to 14mm....low budget cheap WA.... it actually does quite amazingly well for a $15 cost vs $$$$hundreds.

Again the cheapo front 2X mags forget 95% of them, but actually the at least 0.4-7x range rear TC's actually do quite well often. (For their low cost as well) But the chapo 2X Mag extenders forget most... but actually the WA's do surprisingly well.

And I will reiterate the caveate too.... that the WA NATIVELY fits on your lens.... most chaepo WA's are 52 mm under that not a big problem... but over a 52mm filter fitting then YES, vignetting and all that is likely to come in.

And why picking up an older SIgma 28-70mm (half stop slower than current 2.8-4 ) but 52mm fitting lens I have been happy with.... The Sigma 18-50mm standard DC is bad enough for even frame coverage wide open.... big vignetting on the WA with adapter (58-52mm) BIG time (an the current 28-70mm Sig is also 58mm).... but unoticeable on the 52 native MM older Sigma 28-70mm lens.. And getting to the Pentax 18-55mm KIT also a native 52mm filter fitting.

Again how often do you REALLY need to shoot ultra wide, vs hundreds or thousands of dollars of cost?????(For a near flawless lens) AND toting around that costly lens for tyhe FEW times you should you need it?
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