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Timor is slowly but surely movingforward. Though it will be a long time beforeit will be truly settled. They have spent such a long time struggling and fighting for independance, now that they have it they don't know how to handle it and how to feel comfortable not fighting anymore. As a result they fight amonsgt themselves.

Always fighting between gangs and between politcal parties. Elections start in 8 days and already there is violence between different parts of the community, murders and assaults seem common ways to sort out differences.

As a result the UN will be here for a some time yet.

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Excellent photos, I especially like the third one. One minor bit of c&c, the first one looks a bit over-contrasty, but nothing serious and a great series.
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Nice shots Crash. I actually like the first one best. It is too bad that sign was in the way, it might have been even better if the second coffin was the one in the foreground. Please keep posting, your shots from distant lands are really great.

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Thanks for posting these - they are all really interesting. It's an insight into a different world for me, and I've found it all fascinating, especially having heard about all the trouble in the past for Timor.
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