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Dal1970 wrote:
Wipe in one motion from one side of the sensor to the other.

Turn pad over and wipe the other way.
Just one more question - how much pressure is applied during the wiping action?

Is it just surface contact?
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Yep. Just light pressure. The fluid cleans the sensor, so no real pressure needed.

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Thanks for the link Robar.3 questions:

1)Are micro-tools shipping charges reasonable (I'm in Canada)?

2)What does everyone think of the sensor brush in addition to the wet cleaning kit? It roughly doubles the cost of the kit.

3)Opinions on the Sensor Wand vs. Copperhills Sensor Swipe?

I've been lucky so far and have been able to blow my may clean, but that won't last forever. I should buy something before I find out I need it.



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shipping is very reasonable. you can make a wand but i suggest buying it. PDL posted this link and i think it tells you how to make a wand. sit down and read this whole link.
it's one of the best out there.

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Cannot help you with the comparision. But i have used the Coperhill method for at least a year now and it works great

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Either I'm just unlucky, or just haven't got the knack, but it's not been too successful.

I cleaned it once in the prescribed manner & there was more dirt on the sensor than before I started.

I blew the sensor and removed all but one spot - it would not shift, so I cleaned it again with a newDigi-Pad.

All it seems to have done is moved the spot to a different place.

It's one of instances where you had wished well enough alone - the spots before could only be seen when blown up whereas now the spot is visible at normal screen resolution.

I guess I will have to repeat the process until it's gone.
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I use an artists brush (nylon) and canned air that I blow through the brush to charge the brush. I then run the brush over the sensor and the charged brush sucks up the dust without even having to touch the sensor. You need a quality brush from an art store to make this work.

If you get something that is physically stuck to the sensor, then the liquid method will be needed to remove it.

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Old Apr 5, 2007, 11:41 AM   #18
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I think I'll have to clean mine as well, I had a lot of dust specks on my photos lately. I already have rocket blower and digipads but whan I bougt it few months ago I forgot about liquid. blowing helped a lot but it still left some stubborn dust on the sensor.

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Old Apr 5, 2007, 1:26 PM   #19
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I got the Micro-Tool cleaning kit last Summer, the best thing I ever did. Does a very good job and quickly. Don't ever touch the sensor with anything that is dry and don't do the scotch tape thing, what a messI made.

I also went to my local discount store and in there sporting goods department they had a nice foot pump to blow up rubber boats and air mattresses. Looks a lot like the one Micro-Tool sells and really works nice. With the foot pump, you can have both hands free if you want. The Micro-Tool people really have their act together. They shipped fast and even included a little sack of candy as a treat.

Another tip for cleaning the plastic focusing screen isafter it is removed use warm water with a few drops ofdish soap. This removes the static from it, thenrinse and blow drywith your blower, don't wipe it dry, it will get more static- Bruce
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Overall, I'm very disappointed with Digi-Pads - after 4 attempts, the sensor is still not as clean as before I started.

Examination of the pads reveals that they are full of fibres which come of the swab very easily - I guess that this is the reason that dust is still a problem as the swab leaves this behind & despite repeated blowing with a rocket blower, it doesn't dislodge it.

I'm going to contact the manufacturer & let him know of these problems.

Wish I'd left it alone as the dust spots really only showed up on enlarged viewing whereas now, there's one that visible under normal viewing.

Maybe after all this effort, I'll get it sorted & I hope to be much wiser in the process.

For the moment, I'm not convinced that there's an easy way to clean a sensor.
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