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I know this is all speculation, but the K10D takes the newer * lenses and at this time the K100D does not. Pentax has come out with a lens roadmap with lenses like the DA35 macro that is not a * lens. Does that mean that in the future they will continue to have camera's that will use the not in the lens motors or do you think they will do like Nikon did with the D40 and do away with the in camera AF motor.

I guess I'm wondering if down the road all these nice DA, FA andlimited lenses are going to end up manual focus only because the new camera's will only support in the lens motors like Nikon's D40 did. Of course, I can read between the lines and see this happening on the low end camera's just to get you to buy somenew *lenses. The high end camera's would still offer both. This is whatNikon did in the D80 & D200. I'm not sure about Canon.

The reason I found all this out is my daughter has a Nikon N80 and some lenses and wants to upgrade to a DSLR. It makes sense to get a Nikon again because of her investment in the glass, but if she gets a D40, she has to useit as manual focus, The D80 takes the older lenses ok- Bruce
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If I'm not mistaken, the new DA* lenses will focus with either the in body motor, like the K100D, or with the in lens motor with the extra contact that's on the K10D.

I'm not sure going forward but Pentax has always beenpretty good about the backwards compatibility of the lenses since the switch to the bayonet style "K" mount.
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I believe that sooner or later they will bring out a body without the motor just like the Nikon D40 to save on cost and maybe weight. But if Pentax was smart, they won't change it yet because they are still producing DA lens and needs the in body motor to drive it. They should wait for atleast 2-3 generations of the camera body before they switch it out.

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