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I have been shopping for a wide angle lens for my k10d. I have read good things about the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle, but everywhere i look it is out of stock. Wondering if anyone could tell me a store/site to pick one up, or if anyone has other recommendations for a good wide angle lens it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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There have been favorable reports here of both the Pentax 10-17mm and the Pentax 12-24mm. One or the other is on my short list of lenses to buy. I am sure someone who has one will chime in. Personally, I would love to see a head to head comparison of the two but I doubt there are too many people who buy both.

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Well I have the 10-17 fisheye and like it a lot. The good points are that it is fun to use and you need / can get so close to the subject, that the detail is very sharp, extremely good. In the right setting, I can see that it would be the lens to use. In very close in / tight situations, where you can only get in close and not able to back off to get the shot, this is the lens. The Fisheye effect is there, especially at the 10mm setting. However at the 17mm setting, its more rectlinear that I would have thought - a very plesent surprise.

Now having said that, yes - I would like to pick up the 12-24 - why, well because it is a true image, with out the fisheye effect. I have not used one - yet, but have the 16-45 of which is my walk around lens. I did two trips to Alaska on the Inland Passage - have wonderful shots using a Cannon SD500 P&S - that are great (prior to picking up the Pentax - actually its was the reason I bought a dSLR). However, I wonder what they would look like with using the 12-24. What I have observed is that the 12-24 gets the shot, similiar to the 10-17 without the fisheye effect, but more importantly, when taking a landscape, it does a better job of keeping everything in context/prespective. What I mean by that is, the 10-17 in a landscape really pushes back the contents (into the distance), much more that you would think - hence the need to get really - and I do mean - really close using the 10-17 (actually the closer you get the less fisheyed effect you get - my opinion). In using the 16-45, particularly at the 16 end, your able to obtain what you anticipate - the real context, thus you get the wide angle effect, without the main context being pushed way back in to the background - at the 10-17 does.

I have been intending to get up to the Grand Canyon, primarly to be able to compare the 10-17 (at the 17 end) against the 16-45 (at the 16 end). I would believe that each would bring out the shots - based on their individual strong points. I am interested to see how the wide expanse of the canyon is handled by the 10-17 as opposed to the 16-45.

Some may ask why I even bothered with the 10-17. Good question. Up in Alaska, we had the opportunity to go into the Tracy Arm's Fijord - one of the few ships able to, since it is closed on almost a continual basis. The walls of the fijord are so vertical and close, that it is difficult to really get a true feeling of just the magitude of the scene - thus I thought that a 180 degree frame (10mm) would be the way to capture the true sensation of what we observed. Even at the 17mm , it is something like 100 degrees wide, I thought that this was the way to go. ... also with the $100 rebate from Pentax the total came to $250 and I thought that I would never see it so inexpensive again (given its speciality - and small following).

I have thought of possibly a Sigma - but I am so use to Pentax and their glass quality (so far that I am just saving my pennies). That said - the 12-24 is really pretty expensive at $600. The Sigma I see is going for $450 to $500.

Hope that helps...
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