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benjikan wrote:
Canon or Nikon. Which Camera is More "Pro?"
And then there is the question of which is longer lived.... answer is ALL about the same..... ALL Post WWII. reconstruction companies and all in there from the get go....

Pentax made some BIG mistakes in the end of the film era... but has come back HUGELY with a vengence in letting the others pioneer the DSLR era, and now jumping in BIG time (I think both K100D and K10D they had expectations for actually came as REALL SHOCKS to them... far exceeding expectation.

They whished good things for the K100D... it mushroomed, and then they got out on schedule as promised (C&N are MISEABLE AT) the K10D.... they have a bull by the tail hope they can hold on and actually give C&Na run for their money again... as they equally did back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
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Have to agree with you Ben, there are no bad (new) dslr's on the market.

Not going into run in's I had with some c*non specialists without brains, because I have enough friends who use c*non and have brains, those who first look at the pictures and then at the camera.

So here are my 5 cents.

For me it's but a hobby, a hobby that consumes 50% of my free time, a hobby I can still learn a lot in.

I rather be credited for the shots I've made than the equipment I use, if it is only the equipment I can better stop this hobby because then there is no room left for improvement, no room to grow, no fun left.

But maybe for others this is not true and they are only as good as their equipment. And even if they have much better equipment than I will ever have, I still pity them.


(ps love your work)
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Nope you got that right I FAR more respect those that got a good shot IN SPITE of thier equipment.

Than the walk around (non pro especially) just can afford the $10K every lens on earth and best bod folks.
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Hayward wrote:
*Nope you got that right I FAR more respect those that got a good shot IN SPITE of thier equipment.

Than the walk around (non pro especially) just can afford* the $10K every lens on earth and best bod* folks.
I spend half of my time walking around Paris with mt Fuji Finepix F30...
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Currently where I am in Timor, there is a large amount of international participants. Everyone has a camera of varying size and make. I must admit to having one of only a handful of DSLRs in this group, barring international media.

Almost everyone else has P&S cameras (of all makes) for ease of portability. I get a lot of questions about my camera/lenses and a lot of positive comments about how sharp my images are.

I definately don't belittle the guys with the P&S cameras, as sometimes they are good at capturing images that I can't with my K10D. Those little P&S camera are very good in low light conditions.

It is unfortunate that some people seem to think one brand takes better images than others. I doubt anyone out there cold lok at a printed image and go, oh yes definately a Canon image...blah blah blah.

I have frends with Nikon D200's, I used the D200 for a while with work, great camera, does some great things, butI LIKE my PENTAX.

To me it is about whatfeels comfortable in myhand when I am shooting and after a while I don't notice the camera, just the scene and the camera seems to just .....work. If that makes sense:!:

I would likePENTAX cameras to take a nice biteout of thepro market, just to say, we can DO IT too. It is people like you Ben that DO and that will make the difference.

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My father has 45 years of experience in treating alcoholics and other drug addicts. He says that the important thing is that the staff have a method and believe it works. What method is of lesser importance, as long as the staff believe in it, it works!

I think it's the same with camera equipment. If you believe that your gear helps you to get better images, it makes you more self confident and experimeltal. If you have doubts wether your images will be fine because you think your gear is inferior to your skills, then you will be dissappointed no matter how the images actually look. To each his own!

It's saddening, though, when someone thinks less of someone elses pictures because of the brand issue.

I like this picture. It was taken with a P&S (yes, I can't deny it, it was a Pentax)

Attached Images
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Brand snob appeal is only part of the issue as I see it, the new norm in how images should look seems to be the over sharpened, almost computer generated look. I find that look to be disturbing, especially with birds, since there are no hard edges on them except in their feet and the beak and many of those images especially from Canon look like you could cut yourself in the edge of the feathers.

That is another reason I use Pentax since I find the end product to be more to my liking, because I want my images to look more like film and what I see to be real life. It is obvious from Bens exmples of his Pro work that Pentax is the perfect tool for the job, but the majority of people will find that very hard to believe. Just go into a big camera shop and ask them what brand you should use for Pro or Semi-Pro work and you will never hear the word Pentax, never.

I even picked my Point & Shoot for the same reason, plus the one I use is extremely small and has no lag time if the image is already focused. Here is an action example from that P&S that I find works for me if I don't want to carry around a lot of gear. No one ever stops me an tells me how cool I am with this camera, but it works for me, especially in shots where things are moving fast.

Not Canon, Nikon or Pentax.

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I know what you mean. Going through my Digital cameras, I had a couple of early ones - little more than webcams really (<1mp and 1.3mp) then move up to a Concord 3Mp compact. This takes grewat images and prints up to A4 with no loss of quality. My step-son has this now.

Then a Kodak Z740 bridge camera - 5mp and less shutter lag. Now spare.

Then Pentax DL2 - right price at the time, virtually no shutter lag and a HUGE selction of lenses. G/f has this one now.

Currently a K10D - price way too high, but enough features for me to grow into.

With all of the above, I still only print at A4 as that is what my printer uses. Never use 6x4 now.

To be honest, after a bit of PP there is no difference between the picture quality on any of the above. The only difference is the tool used to get the shot. I wouldn't use the compact or bridge for sports, but for landscape and macro they both compete with the Pentax.

The old adage "A bad workman blames his tools" is just as true for cameras as for anything else.


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