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These look pretty good Mtngal. It does look like some difficult subject matter, I have yet to try anything like this.

I'm assuming you're shooting these all raw, so I thought I'd share a little trick I've learned. If you find that ISO 1600 is about what you need to get the proper exposure, try shooting ISO 800 with a -1 exposure compensation. You'll get the same exposure with the same quality, only you'll get an extra stop of dynamic range for the highlights to help prevent blowing them out. It does take some practice getting the adjustments right when importing the raw though.
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In my eye No 1 is perfect,
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Old Apr 9, 2007, 6:37 PM   #13
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The first shot is excellent, and your post processing fixed thewhite balance very well. I am just starting to play with the Lightroom demo. So far, I think I like it but I have a lot to learn. If you are looking for a fast medium telephoto I have been very impressed with the Tamron Adaptall SP 180mm f/2.5. I have only seen two for sale since I started with photography but it is an excellent lens.

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Corpsy - I'll have to give that a try (and yes, I shot in raw, usually do). If I understand you right, you underexpose one stop at ISO 800, then "push" the picture when you convert it, to bring it up to correct exposure? You end up introducing extra noise with the exposure compensation, but since you start with less to begin with, you end up with the same as if you had shot 1600, right? And you don't blow out the highlights because your adjustments can be controlled better with curves or levels. Is that what you are suggesting? Let me know if I have this right - I'd like to try it.

Tim - the one thing I did figure out is that a zoom lens really helps at a horse show, unless you choose one fence and fix on that (I tried just about every fence on the course with one horse or the other). I've got my eye on that new DA* 2.8 zoom lens that is coming out, with perhaps the DA* 60-250 f4 later on (still can't decide about whether I really need that one or not). On the other hand, I really do love all the primes I have...

P.S. The first one was taken outside, and the DA 50-200 handled it very well. It was just way too slow for indoors.

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Really like the horse jumping the fence. The sense of motion is there.

I have the same problem looking at the birds in flight. Is it in focus as the wings are moving.

Check the static objects. In this case the jump. That is focussed, so it is the speed of the horse which shows movement.

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Old Apr 10, 2007, 8:53 AM   #16
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harriet, a great learning series. as usual you pulled it off. i enjoyed the images and the commentary.

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mtngal wrote:
Here is the same picture after adjusting the white balance in Lightroom, cropping and rotating it so that it's straight, running it through Neat Image for the noise, then sharpened. I thought it came out pretty well, considering.
And I think these two (#2&3) clearly show that when you get home from your photo session and load the images to the computer, nearly half the job is done. Wish I had the patience to learn real PP techniques...

Thanks for posting, Harriet!

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Nice series, I can't see much wrong with the pictures, ok the horses are moving (motion blurred a bit).

anyhow I like those shots

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Kjell - knowing something about post processing is a double edged sword - I often find myself over-processing a picture. I'm always going to be learning when to stop with the fiddling around. It also means that I sometimes spend too much time with a marginal shot, when I should just skip it and go onto something else. I'm certainly no expert, but correcting white balance when you have white fences (or at least standards) and grey horses makes correcting white balance as easy as one click.

Speaking of that - Lightroom has a feature where you can make the same changes to a series of pictures. I should remember that and make a point of making my first shot something with white or grey in it if I go someplace where the light is strange. Wait - I could always remember to change the white balance on the camera, right? Wish I'd get that through my thick head!

Thanks, Ronny and everyone for the complements!
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From my newbie eyes they look good. But with you posting and everyones input with their advise it will help us all out. Practice makes perfect and you seem to get alot of it. Jim
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