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inneyeseakay wrote:
This is something I have began looking in to now that spring is here... What's out there about the Pheonix macro lens? Any experience? Pros/Cons?
pros- cheap, very good image quality

cons- cheap, only 1:1 with adapter

for a start up macros lens, you'll probably like it. don't spend the extra $40-50 for the AF model and save it for your upgrade. this lens is available in a number of names. even one with the pentax label. mtngal has this lens.

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I have the auto focus version of the Phoenix and really like it - the optics are very good for the price. I ended up getting the FA version because I figured I'd use it as a regular 100mm lens on occasion where I'd want the auto focus. The focus mechanism is the weakest part of the lens - I'd go along with Roy and recommend getting the manual focus version of the lens, because you won't want to use the AF very often. It doesn't have a clutch mechanism (like the DA lenses do) so you can't fine-tune the focus while the camera is set to AF.

I'd add another plus for it - it is made out of light plastic so the lens is very light-weight. It's no big deal to carry (a really big plus for me). At first I didn't mind the matched adaptor, but I've accidentally dropped it more than once and worry about scratching it. It's a 1:2 lens without it, and since I do lots of flowers, I'm always taking off and putting on the adaptor.

It's image quality is excellent for what little you pay for it - I've posted a number of pictures here taken with it. If you buy it knowing what you are getting (and expect to replace it eventually though I'm in no hurry to change out mine after about a year of using it) you'd get good optics (and good image quality) in a light-weight package.
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