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I've started using the Pentax Photo Browser to review my photos as it's easier to see the EXIF data of the photo than using Irfan View or WE. I need to easily identify the difference between manual and auto photos for a class I'm taking.

I noticed tonight that some of my photos, even though not changed (well, sort of - see further), were not giving me the data. Finally figured out it was because I had used WE to rotate the photos. Any photo I rotated in WE shows me the focal length, shutter speed, aperture and metering mode, but not the lens used or the capture mode or white balance.

I tried rotating in PPB, but it takes so danglong. And, I have to go through the whole process of resaving the file rather than with WE, just rotating it.

What do others do for rotating images? What is the risk of rotating any images? Am I loosing other data, too, when I do this?

Any other thoughts on the subject? I had thought if I rotated the images "in camera", before uploading them they'd be in the correct direction. But, discovered that made no difference. They still go to my computer as the original orientation.

Thanks, Patty
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I leave the original as is. If I need to use the photo, then I use PS CS to rotate. When you resave the image (as jpeg) it also recompresses the data, thus loosing some data.
I have used Windows Explorer to rotate the image (thinking it was just the thumbnail preview), but heard that it also resaves the image. Don't know for sure though.

On another frame, I wish Photo Browser would display lens make other than Pentax. But that may also be the lens not providing the camera the data.
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Interesting question. I just discovered that I don't have the Pentax software re-installed on my computer. I've been using Lightroom to rotate or make adjustments, then exporting to .tiff files, since LR doesn't change the original file. I don't know if it somehow changes the exif information at all.

What's interesting is that I thought that PhotoBrowser 2 identified my Phoenix lens on the DSappropriately, but PhotoBrowser 3 says it's a Pentax lens. On the other hand, so does Lightroom - identifyingit as a "SMC Pentax ..."Now I'm beginning to think that it's how the camera is reporting the lens (i.e., the K10 and K100) rather than the software? Odd, isn't it?
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No not really since those lens where manufactured to that level of Pentax technology/specs.

One thing EXIF often lacks... OK in FL and exp info yes, yet actual lens lacking.... some but often a clone same gen 3rd party often ID's as same.

And honestly I don't use the Pentax browser only "LAB" for RAW stuff.
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I started using the V3 Pentax Browser again about a month ago and although it is quite clumsy to use at first, it kind of grows on you and I now like it a lot. I use both the browser and photo lab and then save the images to tiff. I can then work with them in Irfanview, which is my old standby. I shoot all my wildflower images in raw now and it makes it easy to work with them in the Pentax software once you get use to it.

It does have a learning curve and the most frustrating is getting the different windows where you want them when you first start out and nothing works right. I have found I like it as much as Silkypix and I can do a pretty good job with it if the images are in sharp focus. Working in raw gives you a lot of exposure latitude - Bruce
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Thanks for the discussion. Guess I'll have to think about this some more. I think I have Silky Pix, but never installed it.

I usually use Irfan View for browsing through images and PSE5 for making any adjustments.
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