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Gazander Apr 11, 2007 2:10 PM

Look at

Seems to be very outdated, however, there was one section I found interesting:


Beware of Biased Reviews

Since many people depend on reviews to help them decide which equipment to purchase, it's important to know if the review you're reading is unbiased or not. There are some camera review sites that are nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces to promote a specific brand or model of camera.

Biased Digital Camera Reviews -- You are unlikely to ever find a site with so much incorrect information. We read it just to see what amusing new crap is put up there each week! From his claim that he gets 4 million hits a month, to the incorrect statements about sensor technology, sensor size, and ISO speeds, and available lenses for the competition, his site is a treasure trove of misinformation. And he has the cojones to ask for donations for his site! We especially liked his claim that the D70s was not a real product!
Of all those, I spent a few minutes at and I have never been to a worse site.

I looked at their comparison of k100d versus nikon d-whatever vs whatever and it's utter sh1t.

For example, they post pictures. Camera settings are not stated, and we don't know if they were taken at the same settings. Conclusions from the pictures are visibly wrong...

Do you know of any sites to be avoided?

What do you think of the above list

ennacac Apr 11, 2007 2:59 PM forgot to mention that the K110 is not the same as the K100 as they imply and in their outdoor shots they didn't notice that the K110 preserved the highlights, while both Nikons blew them out completlely in the sky.

The site is just a rag for Nikon, which is obvious if you read any if their reviews.


maj0rglitch Apr 11, 2007 3:14 PM


The Pentax K110D and the Nikon D50 digital SLR are both very good cameras although if you prefer to simply concentrate on getting the shot and having the camera control the settings automatically for you, we feel the Nikon D40 delivers the most consistent results out of the three models we tested.
IMHO the recommendation should be "we feel that you getting a point & shoot will save you a lot of money."

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