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I like your choice of subject. I liked the whole series. I guess it might be worth trying some kind of cloth background just to see. I do like them the way they are.

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Hi Tim,

I like the whole series. The lighting shows the contours and details without any hotspots or errant reflections.

I do think that the blanket is too busy, and in the second shot, too colorful. I do like the coat (but it maybe looks too civilian in style), and I like the texture of the dropcloth in those shots.

I think that the sepia would be better muted in color and contrast somewhat -- that would make it look older

On the Nagant, maybe reverse the direction of the gun so it crosses the holster and shows it off more instead of mostly hiding it -- I don't know. . .

On the Webley only shot -- I'd like to see some of those big .455 cartridges, or at least some .45 ACPs in half-moon clips instead of the .303s

As for backdrops, maybe some neutral colored burlap to add a contrasting texture, or period uniforms and other accessories for the military stuff. Period flags or battle banners from the country of origin might look good, even in sepia, for the military pieces. Frayed edges might on these add to the look. Maybe some weathered and distressed wood might be good also.

Please realize that I don't have much experience shooting like this, the only shots I've taked of my firearms were for insurance purposes, and they were pretty sterile "product" shots, so what I think really doesn't count for much. . .:sad:

. . .Just tossing out some ideas that popped into mind. . .

Again, I think that you've done some very nice work here!


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those old rifles are relly nice!

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I like these shots. I agree that the backgrounds look busy, but they also serve a pupose to draw teh whole scene together. If you are just wanting to show the guns, then use a plain backdrop, but these give more interest in general.

Each to his own I suppose.


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Tim, I like"The Webly Again" best.If you would like to see some interesting fire arms,take a look atsome of the pictures I wasable to get at the "Warsaw Rising Museum"on my trip to Poland this past weekend. They were fire arms from all over that the Polish resistance reconditioned or reworked to be used in their fight against Nazi occupation. Some were actually hand made from whatever "junk" they could find. They are at http://picasaweb.google.com/glenn2shelia/PolandTrip07


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Thank you all for the feedback and criticism. It is interesting seeing the different viewpoints on what works and what does not and I have a lot to think about for my next attempt. To answer a few specific comments:

Tom, I hope you still have that 1882. I picked up the Marlin because I could not afford a Winny of the same era. If you have it, I would love to see photos of it.

Scott, the Webley is in the WW II era .380/200 chambering, though I do have a line on a .455 example (though should I spend money on another subject or another lens<sigh>).

Glenn, thanks for the link. You have some great photos there and I would LOVE to someday visit Europe and walk amongst all that history.

Thanks ALL of you again. It is really great to be able to digitally "hang out" with people willing to take the time to help others learn about photography.

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