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If you are trying to shoot a picture of a baby in a bassinet, you are not going to have a problem. If your child is running around the house then I hope the lights are on for the childs sake. :lol: If they are then there shouldn't be a problem with the available light.

A fast lens, f/2.8 or f/1.7 will focus easier in lower light than say a kit lens at f/5.6. If you have the bult inflash popped up it will fire short bursts to provide sufficient light to assist focusing. If you have an external flash attached, that will use near infrared light to provide a focusing light that camera sensor can see.

Slow AF is a problem with the PENTAX because it focuses and then Re-Checks to ensure sharp focus. On the K100D the focusing mehcanism is all in the camera and that is not as fast as "in lens" focusing with HSM motors. However, we are talking fractions of a second here and not 5 secs to focus.

I suggest you go to a camera shop that has one and try it out, see how long it takes to focus. It is all personal...Some people will go "no way" and ohers will go .."I don't see a problem". I bought my DL based on how it felt in my hands.

Remember Point and Shoot is exactly that, the lenses have a huge Depth of Field so they are almost always in focus before they evenstart to focus. you point you shoot, nothing to it, but at the same time there are limitations like no external flash, no ability to swap to different lenses, restricted ability to control the camera functions to decide how a shot will look.

Finding the right camera for yourself is like describing a hippopotumus, very hard until you see it, then you just know it for what it is....Your NEW camera....what ever the brand name.

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Only thing I might add is this - my hubby has never owned a camera, and has no particular interest in photography. We went to Yosemite right after I bought the K100 and handed him my DS, putting it in "auto" mode and telling him where the on/off switch was (and how to turn the ring to operate the zoom - that's how little he knew). He wandered off and happily snapped away. His shots were very good, so if you have some basic knowledge of photography, you'll do fine with the K100.

There is no such thing as a perfect camera, so every reviewer has to find SOMETHING wrong with every camera. While I don't do that much low light photography, I haven't noticed a problem with auto focusing. The one thing you have to remember is that any dSLR AF mechanism requires contrast to focus. The differences between cameras is quite small, and most people wouldn't notice. I've had SO much fun with my Pentax cameras (now have the K100 and a K10).
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Scoey, get it now! I have the cheapest of the cheap (*ist DL) and I still have a great time taking pictures. There are so many things you can do with a DSLR. It just makes picture taking fun. Plus you get the advantage of a new hobby, that of selling umimportant things like stocks and bonds, cars, homes,etc. so that you can buy new lenses!

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I don't think you can go wrong with the k100d, the reason I made the switch was that although I could set manual settings on my point and shoot it was rather clumsy. Also I wanted to try some manual focussing and see how far I got. Generally a feeling of this can be better, should be easier to do.

I was used to SR and didn't wanted to lose that, it's no magic but ... really helps, and you don't need the tripod so often.

And because there are only two (maybe soon 3) brands who have SR in body it was then a choice between the Pentax and the Sony, where Sony lost because of it's low quality in high iso shots.

I was shure of getting the k100d when someone upped my budget to get the k10d,

I have not yet regretted getting it, and from the way you post you question you have already thought this through so Go Get It :-)


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Lyrics51 wrote:
Plus you get the advantage of a new hobby, that of selling umimportant things like stocks and bonds, cars, homes,etc. so that you can buy new lenses!

you forgot the children and the sisters. i've got one sister left, waiting on that perfect purchase.

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I left the point and shoot to get the ability to manual focus...The auto focus on my Kodak DX6490 would inavriably pick out the tree banch just in front of the bird or squirrel instead of them! The K10D makes it a snap to get the bird and leave the branch behind!
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11,000+ shots on my K100d now and I have no regrets. I do want to add a K10 but I have no intention of parting with the K100. When I bought mine there were a couple of sources for the 100d in a kit with both the kit lens and the 50-200mm, I don't know if that is still offered. It has been a great camera to learn on and I would recomend it to anyone.

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I bought the Pentax K100D plus the Sigma 70-300mm 'APO' lens for the extra quality and also the 18-125mm, so I have a all round kit.

You can see K100D photos at -

Check out reviews with -
Google "K100D review"

I have had my K100D since December '06 and
I Love My K100D,
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