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I looked for a pin before I put it on and didn't see one.

I also tried the feeler guage thing and judging by how much the guage went in and didn't seem to catch on anything, it was reaching to the mount hub.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Or heard of any other lens incompatibilities that might be the problem?

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Ouch! Sorry, I don't know but I hope you get it off painlessly.

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A little needle nose persuasion.....

IT's DEAD it's gone its over.... and I do remember now (having read but couldn't find the article) some Pure K mounts (maybe not PENTAX OEM)....

Have a aperture lever that sticks down farther than KA (after) do

They will go in but not come off and jam the lens.

Actually since that is completely non functional on the digitals for manual lenses... they are AV auto (no mater what mode set at least on the K10D) or manual only for those lenses.... so the thing might still be usable though I sure twisted that piece of metal (I though plastic) to give me that actual last 1/2" of twist to pop it off.

But the lever does stick down more than on the current KA lenses and you can just clip them off to current depth and they will be OK, as I recal from the post/article.... but I forgot having read about that a few months ago and just thinking pin when I put it on.... yet do remember realising it when obviously it wasn't a pin thing..

Still a easy off once I tought about what was going on for a while... aperture lever locking solid against stop when twisted... After giving up on a pin thing, I could tell that was what was jamming.... then just put it down for a few hours, watched sunset camaralessly (thankfully a very hazy flat sky mundane one), a beer or two and thought on how best to deal with it and the physical nature of the problem. Needle noses pliers and tear that upper tab jammed agains the slot stop end off and allow that extra 1/2" or less twist to get it off. Actually just bending it considerably was enough, having thought it plastic but actually metal

The TC may be trash... but it was only a $20 Ebay item.... and actually it isn't.... just not useable on an old K anymore..

VS a non warranty for sure job sent to Pentax several hundred $$$ job.

PS Hey an I even got brave and put it back on again (since it came off so easy after the moderate persuasion )

And still works as it did AV stop down metered auto and manual.

Just no selling it to someone with and old K film body.... like that is likely to happen.

And thankfully it was just a TCwhere I could get at the upper lever and twist the crap out of it and put enough play in the lower lever.... had it been a real lense would have been real trouble.

So looking at old K(M) lenses especially non Pentaxy look at that lever... and it sticks down more than your A or FA lenses CLIP it (Pliers or diag cutters) before you mount it.

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