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Hi, hello, greetings all -

Got my new K100D on Wednesday. It was delivered in the middle of a snowstorm, so I was limited to making indoor test shots. Anyway, The first thing I noticed as I was taking the body out of the box - was a "clunk". Noticeable when I rotate the camera or tip it form side to side. It feels like something loose inside the body. I tried searching this forum, then googled and came up with this explanation http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...p;changemode=1

It's very faint and subtle - more of a feeling than a sound. Flipped through the manual, checked the Pentax website...called the Pentax 800 number, but it was after hours.

Anyone know if this "clunk" is normal for this camera?

Also noticed a dust spot. At least that's what I think it is, in the sameplace in the photos. Here is one of my first shots with the new camera.

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I have read other peoples descriptions of noticing a "clunk" or "thud" inside the K100 and K10 but I can't say that I have ever noticed it in mine. I would just start snapping pics, if there is something wrong it should show up soon. Certainly nothing wrong with your first shot!

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the sensor, being free-floating and constrained with magnets, moves around when the cam is powered down.

yeah, that's a good ole dust spot.

take a pic of a bright white backgound (computer monitor maybe?) when out of focus and at f/22 and all the dust should show up clearly.
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My K10D thunks fairly heavily when powering on, as I have it set to shake the sensor every turn-on.

Strange feeling, but the pictures are fine, so I have accepted it as normal.

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As as has been mentioned before, the K100D's sensor is somewhat free-floating as part of the SR system. I didn't notice it at first, but have felt/heard it when carrying it around with the power off occasionally. I put it down to "normal" and don't think about it. My K100 gets dragged around just about everywhere, and is going strong after 7 months.
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