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Just Copied this from e Photozine. It seems that the apparent problem with the K10D is not exclusive to PENTAX:

Hi, I have had terrible problems with chronic lining/banding appearing on images across all isos.

I sent my camera back to Canon U.K. 3 tmes each time coming back with same problem. Tried different lenes, flash cards etc but no improvement.

As a result I borrowed a camera from my local canon agent in Ireland, tested it, straight away same problem. Only constant between my camera and this one was flash. So rented a 580ex, to go shoot wedding, same problem in the church, I was fit to scream!

I would rate 5d as an unusable camera for the professional. Also Canon U.K. and Canon U.S.A did not appear to know about this problem. I like others had to find out about it on internet. This is a terrible camera and atrocious customer support from canon.

In short I have noticed this problem across various isos starting at 100, with different lenses, memory cards and flashes but indoor shots in mixed light very susceptible to this banding.

The shop I bought it from, B&H Photovideo, would not entertain replacement or refund even though camera was sold in this state and I have repair record to show this. In fact customer service agents very unhelpful there, to the point of rudeness.

What are we poor saps who shelled out a fair whack of cash on these rubbish cameras to do?

see this link for other people who had same issue:

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I was looking at some images from a photo club at work (East Coast - while I am on the West Coast). One of the users had a C*non 20D shooting still life's (Chinese Checkers) close ups. The Black part of the back ground had both Vertical and Horizontal banding that would make users here go nuts.

ISO 200, 1 second at around f 8 - mounted on a tripod. The guy is a pretty competent photographer - but the banding - whoa - it was hideous. The stuff I have seen from the K10D (I can reproduce it myself but I really have to push hard) is nothing - chump noise.

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I don't doubt that this problem is real and probably affects a lot of the 5Ds, but I used one at my last job for product photography and never noticed any such problem. I could happily shoot at ISO 800 hand-held and produce images more than clean enough for use on poster size and larger prints. It's capabilities in low light makes the Pentax K100D look like a p&s.

However, if someone offered me the choice of owning a K10 body or a 5D body and I wasn't allowed to sell it, I'd take the K10. The 5D is not a fun camera to use, appropriate lenses are extremely expensive, it's big and heavy but doesn't seem all that durable, it's not very useful for longer telephoto shooting (without a tripod and several grand), it's lcd is big but not very sharp and the lcd also has a weird orange tint to it that made assessing white balance impossible.
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