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i like the rodent in 4

what is he/she?
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Whoa, you see that?

blew right by me!
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Well, I think you did really good here, it's just that the last Bird of Prey is a tad softer than the other images... which doesn't seem to be a matter of wrong focus, maybe it's very shallow DOF combined with some camera shake? Who knows...

Anyway, don't throw too much of the pics away just when you think they are "soft" - you can postprocess and get stunning results! Here is a quick go with one of my standard approaches if I need details, it worked quite well in your shots, although the JPEG artifacts were in the way too often. I did way too much here, didn't changed the parameters a lot for the small image size, with the original picture being like 4 times bigger results would be more subtile. The Vivitars bokeh can sometimes spoil the fun (it's not very friendly at times for stronger sharpening), but enough chit-chat, here we go:

#1 - I couldn't kill that blurry feeling, hm... but it shows some better detail at least

#2 - wow, what a bird!

#3 - amazing detail and sharpness, look at the fur, the mouth, even the eyelashes!

#4 - DOF is perfect here, covering the whole animal and extends up to the rocks front

Mind you, this is just a quick-and-dirty attempt, I was curious because I also own a Viv S1 70-210 lense and trying to get along with it

My findings: Focus and DOF is fine most of the time, there is plenty of details "hidden" even in the small pics here - take some time for postprocessing and you'll get some even better pics - and more than anough for some nice prints


P.S. I hope it's ok if I modified the pics, say a word and I'll delete the post.
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that's nice job, they look much sharper now. I must say that I didn't do any sharpening to them, just resized. but from what I see it can be improved . I have to start playing with unsharp mask a bit more.


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