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Gazander Apr 18, 2007 8:42 PM

So i have decided that i would like to have Shake Reduction. While the k10d has quite a few aces up its sleeve:

USM lens compatibility
Physically larger == better grip

I don't think it's worth a $400 increase over the k100d

So here's the plan:

1-- Sell *ist DL, body and accessories only

2-- Buy k100d body-only
3-- Buy FA50/1.4 (Reigning low-light champion)

--- and this is where the plan falls apart, ya see

4-- LBA sets in, buy DA 40mm
5-- 6 months to a year, new version of K10d comes out, buy that, keeping k100 as backup
6-- buy DA* 16-45, unload 18-55 for chump change
7-- buy fa31mm, go hungry for months
8-- buy DA* zoom lens, whatever it is, unload 50-200 for chump change, sell everything I own
9-- buy fa77, wonder what'll happen to all this gear when i'm dead

Anyway, more toward the present

After using the m50/1.4..... I hate slow lenses. And 2.8 in case of the 40mm is REAL slow. painfully slow.

Or is it? Is the tiny size worth it? Is the image quality good/better than fa50 when light is ample?

I see they have a 43mm/1.9 costs much more but 1.9 vs 2.8 is a world of difference
But then, that's already pretty close to 50mm, which is faster anyway, so why bother
But then, everyone says it's amazing
But then, my budget is limited, so why bother?

but then



NonEntity1 Apr 18, 2007 9:38 PM

Well I have been pretty happy with my k100. From using the kit lens, the difference between 40mm and 50mm is a matter of a few steps, so I am not sure that I would personally see the need for both. But then, I have two 50mm f1.7 lenses, so why would you listen to me? :roll:

For your anticipated lens purchases, if you got the K10 you could go for the upcoming 16-50mm and sell the kit lens for chump change. You would hit bankruptcy much sooner too :-).

LBA is a serious problem. We need a 12 step program.

Hello, my name is Tim . . .

Lyrics51 Apr 18, 2007 10:02 PM

Ha, we are all suckers! We keep hearing, "its not the equipment, its the photograhper." LIE! You won't find a point and shoot offering on the cover of Sport Illustrated. And besides, lets not fear LBA, embrace it!Our kids only need two meals a day. A little more duct tape and some baling wire can keep the '85 F150 going for a least another year. New china? What is super glue for? Who needs Pennys, we've got Goodwill. (A side note here, don't knock Goodwill, I got an excellent Minolta 50mm f 1.8 at a Goodwill store years ago!) Its a hobby, for Pete's sake, and what good isa hobby if you can't buy new stuff!


[email protected] Apr 18, 2007 10:43 PM


I could have written your very words! Only the 77mm is at the top of my long, very long list.

mtngal Apr 18, 2007 11:03 PM

ROTFL! I've been doing a great job of resisting the call of the limited lenses, but may not manage to avoid those new DA* lenses. And after thinking long and hard about it, I can resist the 10-17 lens (wouldn't use it much). On the other hand, if my hubby hadn't wanted to get me a camera instead of a lens for Christmas, I'd probably still be happily shooting pictures full time with the K100, using the DS for a different lens, and would have started a collection of limited lenses. Instead, I have the K10 and K100, and am eyeing the DA* lenses. Can't complain at all!

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