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Robert Barnett wrote:
Now I am sure no one else has ever done this. So I thought I would put out my Homer Simpson DOH! moment. :roll:
Actually I do it almost every day to a lesser degree....

Usually end up shooting something available light at night....

Then next day might take until 3rd shot I realize that shutter shouldn't be 1/3000 sec...

OOPS..... yet rarely truly blown out, just poor highlights.

Sometimes some interesting colors if not returned to AWB too.
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Took a bunch of bird pictures at the Salton Sea at 1600 - realized it after a while. I ran them all through Neat Image and did OK with the grebes, but there was too much detail lost to save the pelicans (they were really too far away for a 300 lens). I had really good luck with Neat Image and the horse show pictures, so it's aways worth a try if you want to try to save some of the best.
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I did it at ISO 3200 in New Mexico during a Photography Workshop. I wanted to image a Polar Bear rug inside a building at a western movie set. I did not reset the ISO and went outside and took about 70 images of one of the actors hired to pose for us that day - he was standing in direct sunlight. My *ist Ds worked great - very high shutter speed with very small f stops (shooting in AV mode). Almost an hour later I was taking an image of a cow skull and noticed that at f/32 the shutter speed was 1/3000 of a second. All of them came out - but that is when I discovered (and I really hesitate to say this after all the BolShoy that has been going on with the K10D) ------ horizontal banding at high ISO in the *ist Ds. I was shooting JPEG so not much can really be done about it - you have to look hard to see it but it is there. (It was before I discovered the wonders of RAW.

I have come close to doing it with the K10D, but the firmware update (v1.11 - I think) that gave me the ability to set the front wheel to ISO in AV mode - has saved my bacon. I check pretty often anymore- I love low ISO and think anything over 800 is really too much. Use a tripod.

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