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Nice shots and interesting flowers. Looks like the lens is a keeper to me!

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WOW!!! that lens did real gooood for you.

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Very nice! That 100% crop is lovely - you are not helping my case of LBA at ALL! I'd love to have those pictures.
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rhermans wrote:
Just to share my new purchase.

After being thoroughly impressed by the kiron 105mm I've been browsing the internet to find some other great old lenses.
Hey my Pentax SMC 1.7 50mm A lens cost me around $70 SHIPPED (Since seen them go for MUCH more)

I would die before I gave it up wilingly (OK a little exageration)

But an amazingly fast and sharp lens (amazingly much more over the then "kit" f/2 50mm A lens) I also have and got under $20.... really surprising the difference in those two's quaility for just a half stop difference.

Low light image quality subtllety and sharpness of captures diffference between them is rather astounding.

And some here have sort of poo pooed my lowly 100-400mm AF Phoenix (GASP) lens but it does pretty darn well for a just over $100 lens (under half its retail cost if you can actually still find one)... though maybe not guite as good(and quite being the very operative word for the cost difference) as the $1000 comparable lens.... IMAGINE THAT? :-):-)

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Hayward , my Pentax SMC 1.7 50mm A lens costed me around 160$ :sad: (not shipped), but it was my first buy on ebay and I have to concur that the lens is great.

But you're completely wright there are some great lenses out there. Ronny

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