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Great shots Crash, as sharp as can be. Like everyone else, I am curious as to what lens you were using and how far you were from the monkeys. Congrats on getting your K10 back.

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Great pictures Crash!

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Great shots particularly the first and last one. The last one was probably submitted too late for last month's challenge. Our loss

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I really like this series. Crisp, clear "well" just right. You done did gooood.

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Cracking shots. All excellent, but the one with the fruit really stands out. The contrast of the red against his fur is awesome.

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Old May 5, 2007, 4:30 PM   #16
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Hi Crash

All are great pictures. Nice and Sharp and DOF is great.
I have to agree with Darren. My Fav is the Shot with the monkey and HIS fruit

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Old May 5, 2007, 5:01 PM   #17
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Those are all very nice and very sharp.

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Thanks guys

The monkey forest in Bali, well there are actually two (2), both near Ubud just north of Denpasar. At the forest I went to there are approximately 400 monkeys running loose over the whole area, which is all lush jungle type greenery with lovely paved winding paths, lots of stone temples all covered in green moss. Lots of dappled shade, makes for great lighting, no harsh contrasts.

You buy bananas and Rambutan when you walk in, just keep them well hidden otherwise they get stolen quick smart. I tried to find the smaller ones which are timid rather than the big bullies which can alos be more agressive. The females with babies also seemed rather docile.

They wander about as we did, I have some other pics of them everywhere as we walked about and a few with two on my shoulders giving me a good grooming, apparently they liked looking for bugs in my hair, which I thought was hilarious as I have a buzz cut.

As a result I was about to be within a foot or so of them when shooting. I had a heap of blurred shots of trying to get them when they take the fruit, but they are so quick.

Lens: Sigma EX 28-70mm f/2.8. Shot in Av mode at ISO 200, f/4 - 5.6 at varying focal lengths

Glad you enjoyed the shots, I will try and find another shot from the series shqwoig them everywhere.

I will also post a few shots of the elephants in Bali too, we went for a nice elephant ride.

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Old May 6, 2007, 11:25 PM   #19
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WOW So sharp, Thankyou for sharing.
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Marvellous images.

Excellent captures.

Ian Mc
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