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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had a situation with their K10D where you can't switch back to auto focus from manual focus?
After a while of switching, flicking,scratching my head, turning the camera on and off etc I had to switch the camera off, remove the battery, wait for a short while, replace the battery, switch on and thankfully all was ok again. K's at the doctor at the moment waiting for a diagnosis.
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Never had that happen - odd. Let us know what they say, though you may have fixed it permanently by doing the "restart."
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The more technology we put in these cameras the more we are going to start seeing different problems.

Think about this, updating firmware, camera software, 10 years ago this was never heard of. Cameras are more COMPUTER than anything now. The only parts that are still unchanged in the most part is the lens and the view finder. Even lenses are getting more electronic, MTF data chips, camera data chips, focusing motors, in lens stabilisation motors.

Who would have thought that your mobile phone was going to need virus protection, but it does.

When your camera locks up it is no different to when your PC locks up, simply reboot. The problem comes when you keep getting the same lock up and then it is likely you have a hardware problem too.

I hate to say it but electronic glitches are going to be more common place in ALL digital cameras as they get more complicated with more computing power and so forth.

I hope it was just a glitch. You might want to check the lens mount and clean the contacts. I know at one point I thought I had a glitch in my K10D but it was the Lens connections giving incorrect information to the camera.

If the contacts are dirty it might see the lens as an AF and think it is an MF lens. When mine had dirty contacts it wasn't reading the Aperture data correctly and was underexposing badly.


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