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mtngal wrote:
Did you really bungie jump off the PG&E bridge?! Isn't that a little crazy (or rather, a lot crazy)? I've never had any desire to do that (though I did once consider taking up jumping out of airplanes as part of my profession in my younger and crazier days). I never got the opportunity when I wanted to, and once I figured out that you could get hurt that way, I actively avoided such things.
Yes I did. About a 130 ft drop just over the river. It is quite the rush to see the raging water and rocks below coming at you so fast and then "boing" up you go and you see all your buds waving their hands at you. We did three kinds of jumps forward, backward and the overhead "pall bearer". Man I miss those days.

I also jumped out of airplanes in Byron, California. Lots of windmills there too. My first jump I had a high speed slider stuck. Simply put my chute was jammed in the slider grommet. Good training and luckhad me get the darn thing undone but it was not the kind of rush I was after. The ride down was fun though.

I am still crazy and was also a whitewater rafting guide. The North Forkis a pretty treacherous stretch and I had alot of photos of some serious wipeouts in "Tunnel Chute". Now that's CRAZY.

Nice shot of the little feller too by the way.

Next jump will be at night from the Golden Gate. I guess I am an adrenaline junkie at heart and know that it could be the end of me but I could get run over later today crossing the street.
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