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Rickst wrote:
I've heard about the companies that do what you have described. I did give some thought to setting up a Smugmug account that would allow me to "sell" prints (the parents could visit and buy prints of what ever shots they want). But, athletics have given so much to my kids--scholarships, learning to work with others in a team environment, time management skills and, for two of them, careers--that I just do it because the kids love seeing their pictures in the paper and getting more coverage than the "big" sports in spring (girl's softball and boy's baseball). Five of my six kids have paticipated in track, and I guess me and my family have become somewhat of an institution locally. So, I just do it because I love the sport and that the kids appreciate it so much.

The things I have sold are mainly outdoor shots and this is what I really like to take pictures of from a photographer's point of view.
Oh I competely agree and I wasn't trying to suggest you were looking for a way to make money out of your track shots. I have considered ways to try to turn a buck at photography but I keep coming to the conclusion that photography would then be a job instead of a hobby and I doubt it would be fun for me anymore.

You can tell that you know your way around a track field, it shows in the timing of your photos.

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Now I know why I always love your sports shots - you've had lots of practice and it sure shows! I love the hurdle picture, too. Also, I think it helps to have an emotional involvement with your subject, it helps with getting good shots. I think having 5 of 6 kids (you really have 6 kids? Wow!) involved would give you a definite emotional edge to your pictures. They give me something to aim for.
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Yes, six kids. The oldest turns 30 this year and the youngest is 13. What seems to amaze people is that all six are with the same wife!
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