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I spotted this guy circling a field next to the Walmart parking lot. I had my K100D in the car with the Sears 80-200 f/4 and managed a few shots. I really need to get a real telephoto lens. These are all 50% crops as everything is soft at 100% with this lens.

There were also some ducks that flew pretty low to the spot where I was and I managed a couple of them as well.

I think all the shots were around f/5.6, 1/1000. I shoot RAW at ISO 200 and underexpose since I can't really rely on the camera to get accurate exposures with an old K-mount lens on the fly, and exposing right before each shot makes no sense. Ironically the camera would do better with a screw mount lens for this stuff.

Is 1/1000 faster than I need to use for bird shots? Some of them were still blurry, but I'm not sure if it was motion or focus blur.
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When I was shooting flying birds on film with manual focus lenses, I threw away more than I kept. Once I got autofocus I hardly had to throw away a picture because of blur (there were other reasons). I was able to shoot Ektachrome 400at 1/000 sec or greater*and never before realized the full potential of that film - even grain was never a problem. DOF was not the problem I would have expected either with spot on focus. I have seen some nice photos posted on these forums with manual focus, but I can't imagine how many failuresthere might have been on moving subjects like flying birds without the ability to sharpen images on the computer. Critical focus at longer focal lengths is very difficult to achievewith manual focus - you can't zoom, follow focus, hold the camera steady, and release the shutter all at the same time without at least three hands! You will have much sharper photos with an autofocus telephoto - guaranteed.

*I shold have added that I was usingMinolta's 500 mm AF mirror (f8 fixed) and Sigma 400 & 500 APO's (f5.6 max) and so needed ISO 400 to attain the faster shutter speeds. Digital noise could be objectionable with some cameras at that ISO.
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Corpsy wrote:
I spotted this guy circling a field next to the Walmart parking lot.
Had he heard the rumor that some people "shop till they drop"?:homey:

Good catch, Corpsy!

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