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I am finding myself traveling on business more and more lately (usually to the east coast). 1 to 4 days flying across country. Other than my small suit case (fits into the overhead), I have my computer bag. I try not to check my luggage as it just adds an extra hour waiting for it and getting out of the airport. Also, I hate to pack the camera & lens in the luggage, just in case it has to be checked - as it will NOT make it to the destination (sorry commentary on the airline system and the luggage handlers).

So since carry on restrictions limits me to these two items, and my computer bag has absolutely NO room for a SLR body and any lens, I have switched to a backpack - that I find less than optimal. I have gone over to REI - gone through every backpack they have - no joy. Also went to several camera shops - even less joy. Right now I have found a Samsonite but it is lacking...

Does anyone have a good suggestions. Other than carry less computer gear ....
  • Laptop, power supply, mouse, spare battery,[/*]
  • Cell phone, charger, HP Calculator (no - not the graphing one!)[/*]
  • Pens, Pencils, Engineering Notebook, extra pad of paper
  • Current working set of papers. Travel plans, passport, map of area visiting[/*]
  • printed directions from airport to hotel to jobsite
  • wireless card, misc cables (USB, Ethernet, phone) & connectors[/*]
  • small usb hub, security & software license dongles[/*]
  • Sun Glass case, small Coin Pouch (toll bridges/roads)[/*]
  • 1 - floppy disk, thumb drives, ipod with small ear buds
  • Canon ELF SR500, 2 batteries, 2 4G SD cards - all bundled into a very small case
Would like to add
  • K100D body, 16-45, 50-200, 2 batteries[/*]
The fault I find with the backpack is that, there is not a lot of pockets, etc. to put small items, and organize an office like environment, so as to find things efficiently. Also on the topic of the camera, there is really no good way to store it. I actually have to take the lens off the camera and put on the caps. To protect the lens, I need to "invest" in some of the padded lens cases Pentax charges a fortune for. Also, there is not a good padded pouch that I can find to slid the body into.

The other thing, is that I really can NOT take the camera into work - so it has to stay in the car. Being found with a camera in one's possession is a fatal offense.

Just returned from Washington DC last night. I was working right next door to Arlington Cementary, so here is an image from my canon - since I had no room for the Pentax (I tried!!)
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Check B&H Photo, they have backpacks fitted for SLR cameras and laptops, up to 17". I think I have seen some that are even 'airline approved'.


I have been looking for a larger bag. Haven't decide on backpack or shoulder bag. Unfortanately for me, there are no stores around my parts that I can actually handle the bag to see if I like it. Some things I prefer to hold before I buy.

Good luck
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This is the one I travel with and it works very well for me, plus it is waterproof just in case you get caught in the rain.


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DIY is my suggestion.


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If you find something be sure to post it. I have the same issue and have not been able to find a good laptop/camera bag. the only options I have seen to avoid checking bags is to shrink the laptop and get one of the smaller one (expensive), or shrink the camera like you have done and use a pocket.

I decided to just accept I'll have to check my luggage and bought a sling bag that I love. Good luck and be sure to post whatever you find.
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