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Hi All,

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms out there!!

I went back to the "bird beach" yesterday, armed with my AF540FGZ in addition to the K10 with the Tam 80-200/2.8 + P F 1.7x AFA. Shot a few sparrows using the area, but had to contort myself to get any good shots. I can only shoot through a very narrow opening in the brush, and the weeds in the area were growing so fast that it was quickly getting smaller and smaller. It occurred to me that I could possibly clear the area a bit, but my only access would be down a very steep incline (which I'd probably not be able to climb out of. Off to Home Depot. . . I found a nice telescoping tree pruning rod -- $36.00 -- cheap for a photo accessory -- bought it, brought it back to the "beach", cleared the offending weeds very efficiently, then waited for the birds to come back.

It was close to noon, and the lighting was harsh. There were still shadows, shich made the exposures difficult, so I was glad that I brought the flash.

Here are two almost consecutive shots made with and without the flash.

Though the flash shot is, in a direct comparison, a little artificial looking, it is sharper and the DR is less of a challenge for the sensor, with almost no blown highlights on the rocks in the BG. The water is also pretty much frozen -- and I didn't have to contend with the 1/40 sec shutter speed of the second shot. BTW, I have my K10 set up to be able to shoot even if the flash is attached and turned on, but the flash hasn't yet charged, and flash WB is automatically chosen when a flash is used.

Here are a few more shots taken with the flash

This is all from around 20-25 feet away. I'd say that I was able to get a much higher percentage of keepers using the flash in this circumstance . . . but it really makes the camera heavy. . .

I've been thinking about getting a Better Beamer -- looks like that will be on the todo list. . .


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Nice action series Scott. I think from his looks he likes water.

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Love the pictures. I can see what you mean about using the flash, but the second one (without flash) camer out very well - it captured the sense of movement better, a nice exception to the rule.

I've thought of a flash, but since I have enough trouble with the weight of the K10 alone, I never put those thoughts into action.
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Scott the shots are great. Was still out on the idea of getting a flash or not, and you just solved that problem. - Ronny
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I know what you mean about the extra weight of the flash on the K10D. I have the Sigma, which is so top heavy.

However the shots are superb. If you do get a better beamer, please keep us informed as to how it works out, as I have often thought about getting one to use with my Sigma 70-300mm.

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Nice shots Scott. I had never heard of a better beamer but googled it up. I would be interested in how it works too, not too expensive. I don't think I have a use for it yet but I am always looking for more gear on the theory that more equipment helps compensate for lack of ability :-). That 80-200mm is working very well for you.

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