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pwithem wrote:
What is the recommended external flash these days for a DS or K10D? Specifically, I have a DS and may one day have a K10, but in no hurry. I would like to invest in a flash that would work with both models.

I remember pentax had the 340 something and a 540 something, which was a lot more expensive. Sigma I thought had a comparable unit to the 540 but was much less expensive. Also, is the K10 PTTL or TTL?

Scott info is very clear indeed.

I just have another input re Sigma 500ST . I just got that now and testing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalam. So far I am thrilled with its precision and 100% correct exposure with my DL & K100D. I think Crash highly recommended that

My only complaint is it flimsy batt door and the likeliehood of having it rechipped if I upgrade to K10D or K10Dx or later version. But I am 5 minutes drive away from Sigma service centre in Toronto. So it is not a big deal at all.

It costs around $150 in the U S


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danielchtong wrote:
My only complaint is it flimsy batt door
Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately this is a problem that's all too common, and is shared by the Pentax branded flashes also. I've both the 360 and 540, and every time I take the batteries out to charge them, I'm worried about breaking the battery door. You'd think that they'd put a little more thought into something that's so essential to the unit's operation.

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Interesting on thing I won't say about the promaster 7000M.... a very solid slot not hinged door.... a bit of a pain to prees down the AA's to get it to slide shut quickly.... but you get the hang of it.... but sturdy and not something to likely physically fail.... can usually do the change in 20 sec or less includding openig bag pouch and swapping the batteries.
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