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I've got a DL and considered upgrading a few months ago to a K100D, DLs were going for $350-400 on eBay (not bad since I paid $367 for it!) so it would have cost me probably around $100 or so for the upgrade. I decided not to, in order to hold out for the K10D. (It's easier to justify DL-to-K10D than K100D-to-K10D!)

At this point, I'm waiting to see what the new DSLRs coming later this year are. I'm not in a huge rush but I do want to upgrade by the end of the year.

My biggest complaint with the DL is slow focusing in low light. I can only attribute this to the 3-point AF system and am hoping that the 11-point as found in the K10D (and K100D) will be a big improvement over this. Other than that, I'm quite happy and since I shoot RAW, there's no image quality issues. SR sounds very nice but I can survive for a little longer without it.

I am currently planning to keep the DL around as a backup or for the wife to use if she wants to use it while I'm using the replacement. Or eBay it if I get really desperate for cash, but I'd rather have it on the shelf just in case.

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I have the ist D and don't see myself getting a newer model anytime soon. I would rather find some of the older good lenses that are out there in the market.

Maybe a few years downt the road I might need SR, But not now. I always have a tripod to handle the low light shooting.

This decision is one that you and only you can make. Whatever you decide upon, Enjoy using it and the resulting picture you get from it.

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