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I would like to suggest starting a Petition aimed at Hoya in regards to sustaining Pentax in the event they decide to drop the brand. I think it is important that we become pro-active and not wait around like cattle off to the slaughter house. Believe me, I am ready to call the President of Hoya to give him my point of view which will be quite compelling to say the least. I have the "Kahuna's" to speak directly to him as I have with many CEO's in the past..Just another human when it comes down to it.

Let's get the e-mail address of Hoya, Japan and compose a letter stating how disappointed we would be if they were to discontinue the Pentax brand and how that would affect our perception of Hoya and all brands associated with them.

I doubt that they will drop the brand, but let's show our loyalty to Pentax with a strong message...Don't play with "Mother Pentax!"

I am not concerned, as it would not affect my status or jeopardize my position as a photographer, creative director or music composer.

Let's Do It!

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i'll sign.

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Hi guys

I thought i read Some where that the merger was off??


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The Nikkei report include a few more details than the FT report:

* Integration between Hoya and Pentax will take place immediately (the old Pentax board tried to prevent integration)
* Hoya now clearly states that the camera division is not competitive because 1) Pentax do not have its own manufacturing of vital electronic components and 2) Pentax is small compared to Nikon
* The old Pentax board are all axxed except the CEO (he must have sworn full loyalty to Hoya, just like he did to the old board a few weeks back)
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If someon will write it I will be happy to sing it.


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Wow! And all the reports have the cameras doing well this year because of the popularity of the K10 and K100 cameras! I've been hoping that the merger would produce more advertising - all the K cameras need is some positive exposure to be really successful.
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I will sign
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From the responces i guess i read wrong. I would most definatly Sign

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Old May 20, 2007, 9:38 PM   #9
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Well I would sign, dunno how much good it will do, but I would sign. Considering Pentax's Dslr line went from a 3.1 billion loss to a 1.2 billion profit in one year based on the K100 (which launched in August) and the K10 (Nov/Dec) and Pentax expanded it's market share 250% I would hope that Hoya would consider this a profitable business to remain in.

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I'm not very familiar with what's going on with Hoya/Pentax.

Hoya produces and markets optical materials and components, correct? They are aquiring Pentax because there are synergiesbetween the two companies, yes? So it wouldn't make sense for Hoya, who doesn't market cameras, toaquire a camera company just to shut it down. So we don't have to worry about that, correct?I'm strictly an amateur, but it seems to me it would make little sense for Hoya to re-brand the Pentax lineeither. The emerging market in DSLR's and the route Pentax seems to have taken is to market their DSLR's to people like me;amateurs that untilrecently couldn't afford a DSLR. To that segment of the market, HOYA is not a household name that one would associate with cameras. To the pros, yes, but not to the market that Pentax seems to have goneafter. On the other hand, folks like me aren't necessarily brand loyal either. What keeps me in the Pentax game is a small investment in K100D, 18-55mm kit, 50-200mm DA, 360FGZ flash. So I woun't be switching brands soon. What's improtant to me is continuation of the Pentax mount system. I had previously some investment in Konica-Minolta, but it became clear that SONY; after they aquired KM,was in no hurry to develop DSLR's in my budget range. So what is most important to me is continuation of affordable technology in the Pentax mount, regardless of the name. If I could afford to have a Sigma Bigma, I'd be proud to mount it on my Pentax. I don't feeldisloyal to Dell because I attached an HP printer, Umax scanner, Plextorburner, and a Netgear router to it.

I'd be happy to sign the petition though. My work is in Labor relations, so I'm predisposed to compormise; would "Penoya" or "Hoytax" work for any of you?
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