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No this is not intended to be an advertisement....

But - remember when you were a kid and there were things like catalogs around the house? I came home the other day and B&H had their Summer 07 catalog in the mail. It had a bit of everything in it - cameras, computers, TVs, music, etc.

Then a few days later the Monster arrived - their 725 page CAMERA only was on the Dining Room table waiting. I had no idea that they did this. It must have cost $5 to print and $10 to mail and I know the mailman suffered a hernia. I started looking through it, and it is immense - and very complete - they have items that I did not even know that were made. I purchsed 2 lense from them in the last year, so I guess they thought I must be addicted to lens and hoping my budget would streach at least for one more.

Where I am going with this is... the Internet is great, you can find almost anything, and its at your finger tips - from multiple sources. However, there is something to be said for picking up a book and being able to browse through it, where there are items that pertain, that you did not know existed - or exactly what they were called. You can read the information on line, however for me - reading it in a printed form is slightly different, and tends to be more meaningful. Even when I am writing a paper - it reads differently on screen as compared to on paper. I started comparing some lenses, along with some other items. Their section on filters and the various results was really informative.

Just glancing through the tomb, was a learning experience - their notes, tips - observations, the various write-up on products. I have been starting to look at software, with work flow management, that hosted specific plug ins, and I came across several that were new to me. Then some laptop/camera backpacks that I have been look at on and off for quite a while.

Anyway - I just thought that receiving this ream of paper was great and will last me several years. I had not seen any postings that addressed this, thus never expected it and was totally surprised at its arrival.
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I just got a catalog from them that I have not looked at yet. It must be the summer 07 one, though, I know this one is not 700 pages. You forgot the other nice thing about a catalog: you can carry it to the throne room to read which does not work so well for my desktop computer. :-)

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The bigger book is for digital photography only. There is no substitute for browsing, as you can find things you wouldn't evenknow to Google up on the internet. I haven't putit on the bathroom scale yet, but I think one would have to be careful about where one tries read it! :shock:
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Hi guys

I got My "phonebook" today

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i was dreading that mine would come today. so far , it hasn't. maybe there is a GUT..

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Got my phone book last week as well. I live vicariously though it! Reminds me of being a kid and flipping through the ads in the commic books for all things I wanted--sea monkeys, itching powder, a chopper bike!

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Last time I got the "phone book" I bought the Phoenix macro lens from them. I'm now thinking of a monitor calibrator...
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