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A Bit Arrogant, I know...But Necessary:

Hello Sir;

As you may already know, I am a Canadian Fashion Photographer based in Paris, France with over twenty five years of experience and must also say that I am recognized world wide for my work. Up until about three months ago I was Officially Sponsored by CANON France and received a lot of press for being associated with them. As of three months ago I made a very serious move to come on as a PENTAX Officially Sponsored Photographer. Now if you do not know this, I am the first known recognized Fashion Photographer to quit Canon (digital) for Pentax(digital) and Pentax France understood the importance of this from a Marketing point of view. I am also a Consulting Creative Director and Marketing Specialist and understand the importance of this event. It is saying in effect that if Benjamin Kanarek can use the Pentax K10D so can we. As a result of my visibility on about fifteen different forums, I have directly and indirectly affected the switch of Nikon and Canon users to Pentax. As you may already know, I will be appearing on behalf of Pentax France at the "Salons de la Photos" in Paris, October 3 to 7, 2007 at the their stand with my images in large format posted throughout the Pentax booth, that were taken with the Pentax K10D.

My switch to Pentax was a very serious decision and I appreciate that the Hoya-Pentax merger is also a very important event. I do not particularly need Pentax, Nikon, Canon or Sony specific brands to survive in my metier. Any good quality digital camera will suffice for me to perform my task. The reason for this point I am making is the following. I have put forth my name and reputation by backing Pentax and I would expect the same from Pentax-Hoya. I hope that you continue to develop new and novel photographic solutions for the novice and professional alike. We all know that Formula "1" race cars sporting the names Renault, Ford, Porche, etc. aid in the promotion and perception of their consumer products by acting as a "Luxury Benchmark" for those associated with the brand they purchased. That is why the need for a high end Pro Benchmark for Pentax...Let the show begin!

You may visit several of my images on many of the following sites and am looking forward to a fruitful and engaging association with the new Hoya-Pentax merger.

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Good letter Ben,but somehow I have a feeling that the future of the Pentax brand is going to be decided by a bunch of accountants who crunch numbers and not people who are passionate about the history and future of Pentax. People like you and I and everyone else on this forum, those who choosea Pentax K10D, K100D, K110D, etc... as their choice in a digital SLR. I'd be interested to know what camera the President of Hoya uses. I'd bet money it's not a Pentax, if he even uses one.

Let's hope that our support is shownto more than a VP of some division. Our support needs to be shown to the very top. I just hope it is enough. I am surethose number crunchersaren't worried about keeping their current customer base from defecting to another brand, but rather attracting new customers in mass quantity is their primary concern.
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wasnt the merger cancelled in april? http://www.dpreview.com/news/0704/07...apentaxoff.asp

(sry for the link to dpreview, couldnt find it on steve's news archives)

or have they reached an understanding again?
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From Google News: http://www.bernama.com.my/bernama/v3/news.php?id=263283

Japan: Hoya To Launch Friendly Takeover Bid For Pentax

[align=justify]TOKYO, May 22 (Bernama) -- Hoya Corp. reached a basic agreement with Pentax Corp. on Monday that it will launch a friendly takeover bid for the camera maker in June, ending their more than month-long tangled merger negotiations, a Pentax official said.

The accord was struck during a meeting in Tokyo earlier in the day between Hoya Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Suzuki and his Pentax counterpart Takashi Watanuki, who took the top post on April 10 when the camera maker scrapped a planned stock-swap merger, according to Kyodo News.

The official, who declined to be named, said Watanuki told Suzuki that Pentax's board of directors by consensus will accept a tender offer from Hoya, which is considering buying the camera maker's stock for about 770 yen a share.

Pentax's top shareholder Sparx Group Co. is also likely to support the tender offer.

Watanuki asked Hoya to allow Pentax to manage its business on its own for some time to come even after it comes under the umbrella of the Japanese maker of optical glasses and lenses, the official was quoted as saying.

Hoya is likely to approve the candidates for board directorships that Pentax intends to propose at its general shareholders meeting in late June on condition that one or two executives from the glassmaker become part of the camera maker's new board.

Initially, Pentax's board urged that Watanuki step down to take the blame for confusion during the negotiation process with Hoya.

But Watanuki is now trying to remain as president of the camera maker as some of its board members have expressed their intention to leave the management, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The board is increasingly of the opinion that Watanuki needs to stay on to get Pentax's business on track after the integration, the sources said.

But a top Hoya official said Monday the appointments of board directors to be decided at the shareholders meeting will be "temporary" until the camera maker is turned into its wholly owned subsidiary.

The Pentax shareholders meeting is expected to be held while the tender offer is being conducted, given that Hoya's tender offer aimed at acquiring a controlling stake in the camera maker may be launched in early June.

After the tender offer, Hoya aims to turn Pentax into a wholly owned unit by purchasing the remainder of the camera firm's shares.

Kyodo in its report said, Pentax is expected to officially approve the acceptance of the tender offer during a special board meeting on Friday.

Hoya board members will approve the tender offer on May 31, the top official said.

In an attempt to strengthen their medical products, Hoya and Pentax reached a basic agreement last December to merge on Oct. 1 this year through an equity swap.

Watanuki took the helm after Pentax ousted Fumio Urano as president and Katsuo Mori as chief financial officer, both of whom were in favor of a merger with Hoya.

Until recently, Pentax's new management had shown reluctance to accept Hoya's tender offer.

Earlier this month, Pentax unveiled a new mid-term business plan in an effort to explore the possibility of securing its management independence. But many of its stakeholders said the plan lacked fresh ideas for future growth.
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Well tell them this for me, Ive spent a lot of cash on Pentax products in the last year. Hoya better get it together and lets us know for SURE they're going to continue the Pentax brand. Otherwise, I'll have to seriously start thinking about switching to Nikon or Canon. I like my K10, I'd like to buy another one and one of the new * lenses but Im not shelling out cash like that with no assurance of support from Pentax. I've always been happy with my choice of going Pentax, until all this that is. Now I'm thinking I should have went with one of the big boys. At leastI'd know THEY will still be around in a year.
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