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robar wrote:
Hayward wrote:
Actually I shoot A LOT ( going on 10K in 5 mo)
and very little posted to show how good it is.
Maybe it has escaped you this is a DISCUSSION forum though many have turned it in to a pat on the back gallery.

If I post something here it is most often for a technical reason.


escaped you?
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What you offer technically also has your bashing the other makes which is not what this forum is about. No one does it here, but you. A useful flash thread started here as well.

Technically speaking you offered nothing there either but criticism.

If one doesn't have the K10D they are technically not working with the best that their is or ever will be.

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Hi Roy,

You must be having senior moments.... LOL... You always have represented the best qualities of the ist Ds on this board and the other board. I can't produce the posts but you always stood by and promoted the Pentax...:GNothing wrong with doing it.....

I made the switch from Canon to the camera I really wanted bought could not afford at the time it was released. I will back you up that the ist line of camera were highly underrated.

For me I truly enjoy using my ist D and will not give it up till it dies of old age...:G

Haywards enthusiasm for his K10D is sometimes overwhelming but should be expected from him or anyone using a pentax camera. Your enthusiasm has not diminished over the years of ownership and use of your ist Ds.

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Hi Illuminati,

I would NOT say the K100D is inferior to the K10D, I say it a fine piece of equipment. It is just one version before the K10D. And in the hands of a good photographer it becomes a fine tool to record what you see with your eyes.

As for the batteries I use a set of Energizers (2500) and get a full day of shot with them. I have not had any problems with an early low battery indication. Mine can sit in the camera for as long as three weeks of non use and still give me at least a half days shooting time.


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k, first a little off-topic:

Hayward, please, please proofread your own posts before you make them. Heck, just taking a glimpse at what you wrote would be better. There is a preview button, please use it.
It looks like all your posts have been written like this:
"yada...yada...YADA.YADAYADA(*increase speed of typing*)YADAYADAYADA DONE!"*hit enter button with the full palm of your hand and fall asleep exhausted by the effort.

Long story short, you tend to rant. And as you can see, people don't like other people ranting about...well basicly nothing.

oookay, after that little "rant" of mine, back on-topic :

Battery life depends on how you use the camera. If you walk around in a city and occasionally turn on the camera to take a few shots of something interesting, your batteries will probably last for days. They usually do when I travel.

However, if you spend 2-3 hours at a concert and can't afford to lose that critical moment, while you're struggling to get that 1 shot out of 10 in focus, your camera will be on more, you will change more settings and you will use the instant preview more.
I did that yesterday, and a freshly charged set of 2500's drained in about 3 hours and about 100 shots.

So basicly what most of these guys that really complain (read: b*tch) about battery life on the K100D do, is they go out on a hike, leave the camera on all the time, while the SR is on, take about 100 shots and then come home, start up their browser, find the nearest forum and write (read: spew) out a long rant about how terrible the battery life of the K100D is: "I could only take 100 shots with a fresh set of batteries!"

It's the internet. Ranting about made up problems is the nr 2 activity right after porn...the key is to know when to ignore it.


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