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While looking through my collection (a grand word for a rag-bag assortment) of cameras I came across a number of old filters. These were mostly coloured filters some with a clear spot in the middle, plus the odd ND filter, etc. It got me wondering, in this day of digital cameras and Photoshop, does anyone out there still use filters?

I exclude the skylight and UV filters from this question as they serve a useful purpose in protecting the front lens.

Sorry, just realised that this isn't strictly a Pentax/Samsung question but who cares what the others do!

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I still use them.

The colour corection filters for different light conditions are redundant but the gaduated colours such as tobaco, gray and sunset as well as fog and neutral density are still useful.

I like them because you can see how they work with the composition of your shot before you take it.

In this one I used a graduated tobaco filter to put some colour into a dull overcast sky.
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Now that is a kewl looking shot.
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Old May 26, 2007, 9:27 PM   #4
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Yeah, I was also wondering that. Seems to me like it would be easier to do it after the fact. I guess with the exception of the polarizer.
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Old May 26, 2007, 9:45 PM   #5
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vIZnquest wrote:
Now that is a kewl looking shot.
I'd have to agree. Awesome!
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fisheye4 wrote:
Yeah, I was also wondering that. Seems to me like it would be easier to do it after the fact. I guess with the exception of the polarizer.
That might depend on what you are trying to do. If you shoot B&W contrast control might prove easier with filters than messing about in PS after the fact.

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While I haven't particularly used any ND filters, I carry one around often (love the slow shutter speed look of waterfalls).

One purchase that is fairly high on my list of priorities is a circular polarizer for the A*300. I only have two 49mm linear polarizers so am limited on what I can use them on (the 50mm and the Phoenix lens). That's not something I can easily manage in software.

The other filter I'd like to get is a graduated ND filter - great for sunsets or reflections where the reflection isn't as bright as the sky. I never thought about using a graduated Tobacco filter - but that's a really cool shot.

I played around with a soft focus filter when I first got a dSLR and really liked the effect. I never use it as it doesn't quite fit into what I normally do, but thought it might be easier/better results than trying the same thing with software (which would be easy enough to do).

I've never played around with b&w except by software, and don't find it all that difficult to manage. I wouldn't have a clue to how to deal with filters, a color sensor and trying to get more contrast for a b&w conversion.
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Old May 27, 2007, 5:16 AM   #8
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The only filters I do use (not so often) are ND and CP.

I've got a cheep graduated filter that I only used sparcely and think its worthless. This say's more about the quality of that filter than anything else and I'm thinking seriously about getting a better one.

Colored filters are something (imho) i think that can be replace by pp.


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Old May 27, 2007, 1:24 PM   #9
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I use the Cokin Filter system to filter the light before it hits the sensor...It only takes a second to add or subtract one and I like the way it filters, especially with the Grad grays and the grad tobacco's than the way my process filters do it. I have a filter holder for each size of lens and the A series filters work in any of them. This keeps the cost down as I don't need a 49mm, a52mm, a55mm, a 58mm, a 62mm and a 72mm of each type to work.

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I picked up two lots of old filters at auction soon after buying the K100. They had some of the color correction, center focus, center spot, and other special effect filters in there and I have yet to find a use for any of them. Like you said, most of these effects could be added in software if you wanted.

I bought the lots for UV and polarizing filters included. While I do use the CP filters I ended up taking all of the UV filters back off of my lenses. It seemed that even the good ones (B&W and Hoya HMC) still detracted to some extent and under the wrong conditions could ruin the shot with flare reflections. I currently keep a lens cap on when I am not shooting and have the neck strap around my neck when I am shooting and feel that is enough protection for me.

I would like to get a graduated neutral density filter for landscapes and sunsets and I would not mind picking up a graduated tobacco filter as well.

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