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Just got the k100d with kit lens. Local guy hear in north jersey had it for $497.
and then I can still get the $50 rebate. I was going to get the 10D but decided to
save the $350 for now. My pc is a 1.7ghz w 500mb of ram ( can't be upgraded ) and it was chocking on some 10mb files from my buddies d80. I was able to get 2 lenses at once on ebay for $70, a sigma 28 to 200 and a pentax28 80. The gut even gave me an old 35mm autobody ( not sure what to do with that, any takers ? ). I figure that the future of dslr will be full frame. The price will come down as they always do. 5 years from now it will me the k10,000d and then i'll upgrade again.BUt so far I love this thing.
2 things I noticed...you are so apt to try handholding dark shots, and alot are very useable at 4 x 6, but they are not 8x10 usable. I am talking about handholding 120mm at like 1/10 sec. second thing is the mirror is kinda noisy. i was worrying I was going to wake my newborn ( and we really don't want to wake her...please.LOL)
Any comments on doing a firmwareupgrade?? is it necessary? can I screw it up na dhurt the camera?
I look forward to being part of your community.!

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one more question...can anyone give me a batter idea of which color space to use. sRGB or Adobergb? I do a lot of editing in cs1 and cs2 ( home and work ), then usually print through a photo kiosk or on my hp printer.
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Old May 28, 2007, 8:43 AM   #3
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Welcome to the forums Bob. Hope to see many excellent pitures from you and your new K100D.

Good question which to use, the sRGB or Adobe RGB color space. I've researched this myself and have decided to use sRGB. True Adobe RGB has a wider color gamut, but if you aren't using Adobe RGB printers you will actually get a less than stellar image. sRGB will work for 98% of most shooters, unless you are getting yours shots printed in the next issues of National Geographic. I use sRGB.
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Old May 28, 2007, 8:55 AM   #4
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Welcome and congrats with your new toy Bob,

havent heard any problems with a firmware upgrade so I can't image any problems.

for the sRgb/Adobe workspace I have to concur with ishino. I only use sRgb and haven't seen any real use for the adobe colorspace yet.

hope to see some shot soon

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Old May 28, 2007, 8:59 AM   #5
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Hi Bob,

Welcome and congratulations on the camera and lenses! I use sRGB and use Paint Shop Pro 11.20 for my editing.

Which Sigma 28-200mm did you get? the one with the 72mm front lens or the 62mm Front lens. The 62mm one is the newer version, But Both will give you good results.

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Old May 28, 2007, 11:36 AM   #6
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Thanks everyone.
I just made sure I am in srgb, and checked the sigma lens has the 72mm front. One bad thing, the ebay lenses came without lens caps or end caps. Any ideas on that.
Or one last question. I had read that you might want to tweek the default setting on the k100d. Any sugestions? I assume it is a personal preference, and I like my saturation up alittle and probably the sharpness up one. How about noise reduction and contrast?
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Old May 28, 2007, 12:35 PM   #7
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congrats bob,
you've got a really nice cam. you'll love it. filters,caps,etc. here

i shoot in aRGB in raw. i develope in photoshop aRGB. when i save i don't save a profile.

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Welcome to the forum. The only concern I have heard about concerning firmware upgrades is to make sure your batteries are full. Apparently if the camera turns off half way through it will probably be fubar. The upgrade only takes 90 seconds or so.

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Hi, Bob! I've tried both aRBG and sRBG, and ended up sticking with sRBG because not everything is compatible with aRBG. I just don't notice enough difference between the two.

If you like the sharper, more saturated look to your pictures, make sure to try the K100's bright mode, rather than the natural mode. I prefer my pictures to be a little less saturated for the most part, so leave the camera on natural and any sharpening or saturation I add with software (been using Lightroom and really like it).

Make sure you know how to set a custom white balance setting when indoors - I find the AWB and the tungsten settings a bit off for me. Custom setting is so easy to do.
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