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robar Sep 12, 2007 2:05 PM

i'm not going to post any images from this test, just my observations.

104F 1.4x what a sweet converter, razor sharp thru out the f-stop range. wide open i could just make out some CA, this was gone by f4-5.6. i'd recommend it highly. it's a shame it only works on adaptall lenses. best IQ is f8-11. IQ was very good from center to edge. i could detect no loss of IQ.

01F 2x a very fine piece of glass. I'd recommend it also. wide open at high contrast there is a pronounced CA effect but nothing that can't be taken care of in PP. i found that the CA stayed at a low effectthru out the f-stop range. it's still nice and sharp wide open and i noticed just a slight loss of IQ compared to the 104F. it's still VERY usable.. again, best results at F8-11

200F 2X another sweet piece of glass. it's better than the 01F hands down. IQ is on a par with the 104F. saturation is better than the 01F and has more contrast. i did notice some CA wide open but it disappears after F4. IQ was very good from center to edge. this has got to be the best and sharpest X TC I've ever used. image starts to degrade after f18. i can't really say what the difference is to the 01F except the shots just looked fuller if that makes any sense. kind of like the bouquet of different wines.

all 3 of these are very good at what they were designed to do. what i need to do now is compare the pentax 1.4x-s to the 104F. also the tamron 2x mc4 to the 200F. if someone would send me a pentax 1.7x-af i'd be more than happy to make a comparison, also the 2x-l... as above, it's a shame these will only work on the adaptall lenses. if you get your choice of the 01f and 200f be sure to get the 200f.


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