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Thanks everyone for the compliments!

The ones I took two weeks ago with the K100 led into this set. When I looked at those, I picked up on a number of things that I wished Ihad donedifferently (one being to use the K10 because I was going to want the extra mp for cropping). I changed to a smaller aperture and was more careful about my angles to the drops and looking for leaves in front of them that might be OOF. These wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had the experience with the first group (moral of this story is that practice is really important when it comes to photography!). The first set were more quick snaps, these were actually thought out/about a bit more. Then it was a matter of waiting for some more rain, then looking for possible subjects. I'm not sure I would have looked for a spider web if several others hadn't posted wet spider webs in the past - thank you all for inspiration and good ideas.

The funny thing is that I went through the whole thought process fairly unconsciously. It was more a matter of waking up, seeing the wet ground, grabbing the camera and then going out and snapping away, thinking "oh, yeah, remember that you wanted to try... watch out for that - it didn't work before... what about trying this..." That's the beauty of digital photography!
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Thanks for pointing back to this link.

I think the use of shallow depth of field here really makes these shots very powerful. The shot with the perfectly round drop is amazing. And the one with the water trapped between the two twigs is mesmerizing!

Take care,

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