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Old Jan 29, 2008, 6:26 PM   #11
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I don't know why so many folks do the bashing thing every year when new cameras are released. For many yearson the Kodak forum here, when a new and better camera was released we would get three or four new posters that would do their level best to bash not only the new cameras but anyone that had something good to say about the new cameras. I often wondered if they were hired hands from a camera maker or just trouble makers with nothing better to do. We always handled them by just letting them post with only polite and few replies! They always go away once the camera is in enough hands to know it is a good one! This Spring I went on a family vacation with a friend of My son-in-law along. He was a big Cannon Fan and kinda looked down on my camera till he saw me using lenses older than he was and getting very good photos with it. He went home and then gave his Canon away and bought a K10D and a group of very good Pentax glass. Just had to use the K10D once and he was impressed enough to switch! Some folks are Too brand concious and this leads to fanaticism. That in turn leads to closed mindedness and intolerance of some one with different views. I think we are all photographers and the brand shouldn't matter. I agree with the thread starter post here but will hold off longer with this one till the price drops next year at this time. I'm a tech lagger at heart and don't have to be on the cusp of new technology to be happy. Just need good results from the equipment I use! Nuff Sed!

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That's me decided, no K20D.

(The camera store just rang to say my new K10D is ready to be picked up, I needed a second body to go with my DS and just could not wait.)


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Well said, Dawg...

A good photographer can come up with great pictures with any brand new or old. With that said, I'm waiting for my order to come in.. K10D.. its new technology for me!

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David French wrote:

I haven't seen these bashing posts you're talking about. Sound ridiculous. Mind linking me to some? I'm just curious what they could be saying.
This post I saw was not bashing in nature, but I did find it interesting. It discusses the heart of the camera - the sensor, and outlines a possible crucial issue with the new CMOS sensor as opposed to CCD. I am confident that Pentax has taken this into account, and tweaked their processing/algorithm whatever to take this into account, but I believe it pays to be informed as to this change, which in my mind is a very significant change. In my mind, the item I have the most interest in is noise - I love my K10, but return to my DS when I want better pics in high ISO

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The K200 looks great. The K20 looks absolutely fantastic! My only problem is having sufficient talent so as to put either of them to good use. My K100 so far is doing just fine.

The one thing I need to say is, that yes I have bought into the APS-C sensor size, via the DA lenses - whole hog, as the Dawg would say. I though that the K10 would be just fine for an upgrade when I was ready. With the K200 and K20 now available, I will not have to worry about an upgrade path. If and when Pentax may come out with a full frame, I will be just as happy stuck here, back in the stone age with the little sensor on this product line. 14MP sensor, will be just fine (and I am betting that the noise is nicely controlled, to boot).

By the time I am ready to upgrade, the K30/K300 will be out and will brew my coffee for the early morning photo shoots in my retirement...
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Why I shouldn't buy a Pentax K20D is really simple - $$$.

I've had my K10D for less than a year, and it can still take better pictures than I demand of it. Shortly after that, I literally found money in the street, and that went for another lens. (I keep going back, but it was apparently a one shot.)

The improvements the K20D offers don't warrant changing my life style and purchasing it. (Note: this is the difference between having a really good income and being retired. I wind up spending my money going to places to photograph - not so much on equipment.)

When the next, even better, Pentax appears, I may have to reconsider. 'Till then, there's so much more in the world that demands framing and capturing.

Larry in Dallas
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i wonder how long it will be before we get a link to that book... :roll:
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An oldie, but a goldie about the Pentax K20D.

I don't have a K20D, but I do have it's predecessor the K10D. The K20D is very similar of course to the K10D.

I recall considering many of the same points when I bought my K10D back in Nov., 2007. So far, after over two years I'm still happy with the purchase.

I have thousands and thousands of shutter actuation's, I've used it outdoors going on into it's third winter and up here winters are real winters...5-5 1/2 months...very cold, always snow.

It's very rugged...as Pop Photo said...a tank.

It's used most days with a variety of lenses and I'm still happy with the end product...the pictures. So much so that I still see no reason to replace it.
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