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When I started shooting raw I tried PPL and just couldn't get over how cumbersome it is. It does do a very good job on the finished product, though.

I haveused the full version of Silkypix for over a yearand love it. I use Elements 4 for some things after I have converted to jpeg. I don't care much for ACR either.

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robar wrote:
Dal1970 wrote:
Although I use 2 monitors at work, I tried 2 at home, and while it was handy, it also took up a lot of room.

So I compromised and bought a 24" widescreen monitor - almost as good as 2 screens, but takes up lees room and I can still keep a resonable graphics card for games....
D, with the prices as they are , i've considered that also.. to think that just a couple of years ago a 24'' monitor was so far out of range for most is really a testament to how far tech has come. i still don't understand why TV prices are still at what they are..
Certainly over here, I think they class the TV as more luxurious, because of the tuner so tax it very heavily.

They do this with the camcorders that link to the TV, so that we don't buy them abroad..

Crazy really.

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I still use RSP (Raw Shooter Premium) and loosing that has been part of holding me back from buying a K10D. Now when I will buy a K20D I hope some good soul out there can make a little tweak to allow that model with RSP. Anyone who hears anything from anywhere about this, please notify me! There are no computer wizards to ask in my vincinity.

Do you think it would be possible to shoot K20D PEF, convert to DNG in the computer with Adobe DNG Converterand then process and convert to TIFF/JPEG in RSP? I have tried ACR in PSE3 and CS2, it does the job but I do prefer RSP.

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I use digiKam a lot for simple tasks (usm, refocus algorithms, resizing, curves, raw converson, etc.).

It's an easy to use free photo management solution with lots of good editing plugins built in. It even supports more metadata information from raw file generated by my Maxxum 5D than any Windows application I've tried. See this link for more info:


But, it's not available for Windows yet. My wife and I both use SimplyMEPIS 7.0 most of the time (it's a free Linux distribution with lots of nice software preinstalled like Firefox with plugins like Adobe Flash 9 player, Thunderbird, Open Office, Gimp, digiKam, music players, video editors, loads of system tools and more). She's setup in a dual boot configuraiton with Vista, and I'm setup in a dual boot configuration with XP Pro).

If you want to run Linux, Krita is also coming along nicely. It's well integrated into the KDE Office Suite, and it's also free (but, not for Windows, yet).


Another product worth looking at is Lightzone (now available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems) You can download a free beta for Linux now.


In a low cost commercial product, Pixel is worth looking into (not free, but good bang for the buck).


Eric Hyman also offers Bibble for multiple operating sytemw (Windows, Mac, Linux). It's not free, but it's super software.


Google's Picasa runs in Windows and Linux and it's free:


You can also use UFRaw (it's free and available for multiple platforms, with a plugin version available for The Gimp


Make sure to see Raw Therapee (also available for multiple operating systems). It's free.


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This is all beyond my skills at this point. But, I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one confused/frustrated/perplexed by all the screens in PPL.

I've been shooting everything in RAW for about a month now. I'm not quite sure I've got the system down yet. Open in the browser so I can actually see which ones might be worth doing anything with. Then, opening the lab and mostly only playing with w/b and saving as a jpeg. Then, doing everything else in PSE5. Not a very effective workflow, but it works for now.

I have Picasa and forget about it all the time. Maybe I'll check it out.

Thanks for all the links and info on this topic. Haven't read the initial article yet. Off to read it now.

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Patty - One thing I like to do is save it as aTIFF (I use 8 bit)after I get done working with it. That way you don't lose anything to compression. If you save it as aJPEG and then crop and resize and then save it again as a JPEG, you have compressed it twice. Each time you re-save itas a JPEG you lose some pixels to compression. If this is not right, someone please correct me.

My work-flow is shoot RAW, process it in PPL andsave as a TIFF. Then in my post processing software (as a TIFF), crop, resize and rotate if needed, sharpenand save it as a JPEG. I'm sure others have their favorite way of doing it also. I delete the TIFF once I'm done, but keep the RAW.

The point I guess I am trying to make is I am probably in the minority in using PPL, but I have found it to put out some pretty good results, once you master the clumsy interface. Everyone has their favorite RAW converter. I just happen to like the results I get with PPL, I also like the price- Bruce
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As I use an ist D, I still use Raw shooter for my Raw PP and convert them to Tiff. But with the ist D I can also shoot in Tiff which I could just PP in Paint Shop Pro.

I don't like adobe products. For one thing they are overpriced and another they are like Microsoft. Buying up the competition so they can name any price they want to...:G

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nhmom wrote:
... Then, doing everything else in PSE5. Not a very effective workflow, but it works for now.
You do know you can use Adobe Camera Raw with PSE5, right?

If the plugin that came with PSE5 is too old to recognize the raw files from your camera, you can download the latest version (4.3.1) from Adobe. Basically, you're just unzipping a file and copying the extracted Camera Raw.8bi plugin to the correct folder. Then, you can process raw files from most newer camera models using Adobe Camera Raw.


To install with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (Windows):

After downloading a ".zip" file, use the operating system or a utility such as WinZip or PKZIP to access the file's contents.

1. Exit Photoshop Elements
2. Open My Computer
3. Double-click Local Disk (C
4. Navigate to:

Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 5.0\Plug-Ins\File Formats

5. Move the existing Camera Raw.8bi plug-in to another location (for example, a new folder on your desktop). Ensure you keep this version in case you need to revert back.

6. Copy the Camera Raw plug-in, Camera Raw.8bi, from the download into the same folder as Step 4.

7. Launch Photoshop Elements.

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Thanks for that Jim.

Just done the download.

Ian Mc
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It looks like the path in the instructions didn't copy properly. So, I corrected it in my previous post.
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