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Harriet, Those are all beautiful! Nice variety, nice exposure and actually nice everything! Thanks for posting!

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If not for the pipe on the left wall and the two litter bins it would be a good one for me Harriet.

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The only thing distracting to me on the last one, is the person walking in the middle it takes ones attention away from the actual pupose of why you took the photograph.


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Thanks again for the feedback.

Kjell -our littlevalley/area has been spared from any of the recent fires. Some have come within about 8 miles, but not any closer (thank heavens). There are stillridges and mountains full of large pine trees, like this one, all around our subdivision.Except for the Day Fire (when we were evacuated), most of the ones near us have just disrupted our commute.

I've never had much luck taking pictures of Joshua Trees, for some reason. I did manage one or two of the blooms that came out so-so, but the conditions weren't ideal.

I think I'll put the last one into the "almost" file - I'm not sure I can get a straight shot as the building on the rightis curved, and even with the 12-24, I don't think I can get the perspective straight on(I'll have to go there tomorrow and check it out again).

Dawg - that's not a pipe, it's actually a break in the wall - think there's a door there. It's funny about the trash bins - they are all over so half the time I don't even see them (and didn't see them when I took the picture). The reason why there are two of them - one is for trash and the other for recycling. Do you suppose anyone would believe me if I were to say that the recycle container was the whole purpose of the picture? Guess not...

2many - the funny thing is that I wasn't sure why I took this picture. Was it to show a tree in an urban environment? Was it to show all the various lines and angles - modern architecture? Was it to show off our wonderful weather (notice the sleeveless shirt)? I think I had a vague idea that I should add a human to one of my pictures. Or was it because I was surprised to find a relatively uncrowded spot at noon? It probably belongs in the "almost" file because I had too many things going through my head, and too many elements in the picture. There are some scenes that are interesting to visit, but somehow don't photograph well, and I think this is one of them.
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I don't agree at all about the bins and the girl, I think they are important for the picture. Harriet - why don't use PS perspective correction? I'm not sure it would improve the picture, but I'd like to see a try. Can I take the freedom to do itmyself?

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Driver3 wrote:
Very nice series.

I like the hummingbird very much!


You must be really close at around 100mm. Great shots. The challenge subject of this month is difficult. I still have not had any idea what to explore

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Old Mar 11, 2008, 7:19 AM   #17
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Really nice, highlights for me are:

#2 - Great composition, I love the way the shadow frames the view through the arch.
#5 - I'm a sucker for silhouettes and this fits the bill perfectly, ecpecially with the colour of the sky

#8 - great capture of the hummingbird

#9 - my favourite. The water drops are just exquisite.

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Old Mar 11, 2008, 8:08 AM   #18
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Kjell - certainly you can play with the picture - if you want a bigger version than the one I posted here, you can go to the album and download what I posted (which is resized to fit my monitor's dimensions for my screen saver atwork- I didn't do a separate resize for the internet because zenfolio allows you to link to several downsized versions of the original).
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Hi Harriet and Kjell,

Sorry to hijack your idea, Kjell, but I think I saw the same thing, and played with the last pic last night. I waited for Harriet's permission to play before posting my version, perspective correction to square up both sides of the frame and a crop to 16:9 to accentuate the width.

Attached Images
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Scott - I really like your version! That does a good job capturing what I was thinking when I took the picture.

I went back there today and took a closer lookat the area. The view from straight on at the arch isn't half as nice - half of it is a brick wall. The building is actually quite interesting - there's a sweeping curve, and a sharp corner - the building is sort-of a triangle. What I thought was a door into the next window wasn't - it's a support for the part of the building that goes over the walkway. I took some different views, but wasn't totally pleased with them - it's an interesting building and I'll figure out how to get better pictures eventually.
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