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I have to disagree with you. That golden color was caused by using an AWB setting rather than the needed incandescent or tungesten WB setting. I think that the second ship image was photographically better. Here are some nice Christmas lights.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi Sara and thanks, Your right with your comments on the AWB setting. I guess I am lazy, but I have been leaving the AWB setting fixed and then adjusting it via post processing if/when needed. There is always just one additional setting that needs adjusting and then I forget to reset it, so I have been taking the easy way out. That is one of the drawbacks of the K100 - the multiple settings via the menu. The K20 has many more of the more frequent adjustimets available via body controls.

Its been three years with the K100 body and I am still learing. Maybe, my skill will increase to the point that the K30 or K40 may make sense some time in the future.

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Regarding AWB - while I am quite satisfied with it's accuracy outdoors in broad daylight (am using a DL2), it constantly fails, the more artificial light comes into play. If I know, that I might run into those situations, I set my WB to fluorescent/white. WB for outdoor shots is ok/usable that way and needs only minor adjustments, while indoor shots with artificial light come out much better that way.

I know, that this is a lazy approach and none of the images I take are 100% "on spot" WB-wise, but at least I get a constant "feeling" for the colors and not that "guess what color it is" the auto-WB gives me.
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