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the problem is how the viewer's monitor and systemis set up. very FEW people will see a difference between A & S rgb. i shoot and edit in aRGB and for the web i don't save a calibration..

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just my 5cent

I know that the Adobe RGB gives a better colorresult,
but for me the problem is more what people normally see on their screen.

If you have an adobe rgb jpg and you are looking at it with a browser that can detect and use the extra data in the image the image comes out better.

Up till some time back this was only possible with a mac and safari, now however safari is also available for windows and you can see the difference. (only it mangles up the editor on this forum)

Firefox 3, when it arrives would/will also be able to see adobe rgb, but the last beta version doesn't do anything with it.

I'm shooting in sRgb and Raw, the sRgb is only used as a quick view to trim out the rubbish when I move them to my pc. Anything that I proces for the web I do in sRgb because this gives the most consistent result in whatever browser it's viewed.


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"Wow in Firefox I could not see the difference, but when I switched to Safari then I could. I prefer the AdobeRGB as the color seems richer."

Interesting, because I also use Firefox and can see the difference pretty readily. Some kinds of monitor technology have better color characteristics and dynamic range than others. The various permutations of IPS and PVA genreally do a better job in this arena than TN.

Personally, I use sRGB - it just seems to be more consistent for me across all applications. I don't print all that much, when I do it's thru my HP D7360 printer, as I am unimpressed with the results from the typical drugstore/Walmart quality prints. Anyway, the printer software allows the user to create customs profiles inlcuding color cast, saturation, hue, brightness etc that can be applied to all printing, so the results from my printer match the screen pretty closely.
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Roy, Ronny and brokenbokeh; thank you for your valuable feedbacks!

I haven't been using the Firefox forquite a while, for I chose the Opera over it some time ago. However, uponreceiving thereplies above Iinstalled it againalong with the Safari (the windows version) to see it was only the Safari which was able to display the true colours ofAdobe RGB:? Well, since using the screenshot is not a long term remedy, I guess, for web, I'llhave to rely onthe RAW conversion in sRGB, whose colours are still more vibrant than that of the straight from the camera Jpegs.
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Very nice comparisons my friend, indeed the aRGB is better but you did convert to sRGB before posting right? thats why the colors stand out other wise they would be dull
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