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Biro Jul 26, 2008 6:24 PM

I posted a similar question on the photo editing board, but I'd like some input specifically from other Pentaxians.

My new K200D shipped with Silkypix for post-processing of images. Up until now, I've been using iPhoto to tweak jpgs from my point and shoots - with good results. Of course, I didn't expect to make major adjustments to jpgs - just some minor tweaking and occasional cropping. But nothing dramatic. And I certainly didn't need any photo editing software with my old film SLRs.

Before I load Silkypix onto my iMac, does anyone have any experience with and/or opinion of this program? Any recommendations? I'll stick with iPhoto for a while if the consensus is I'd be better off.

I expect my photo ratio will be a 50-50 mix of jpgs and RAW. All kinds of photos. I am a generalist - for now, anyway.

Black Knight Jul 26, 2008 7:29 PM

I Dont know anything about i photo Sorry.

IMHO If what Pentax gives you Is Silkypix and not a Water Down version With the Pentax Photo Lab Name Its good Software. I have tried the Pentax software that comes With The DS and the K100D and did not like it.

I prefer Adobe Photo Shop Elements 6. For Raw I tried and Like Adobe Lightroom.

I Understand that Apple has a program for the Mac called "Aperture" Might Be Worth looking Into.

I believe that Tom "ennacac" has an Apple computer. Maybe he can Give you some Guidance

Hope this Helps

robar Jul 26, 2008 7:41 PM

Biro wrote:

And I certainly didn't need any photo editing software with my old film SLRs.
i'll bet!!!

i use PSCS3. i know PSP and PSE are both very good. supposedly Corel has done some major tweaking of PaintShopPro. both it and PSE are under a hundred bucks so that should not set you back too much.. and the Gimp are free and are also good. i haven't tried the new pentax software as i'm happy with ACR and PSCS.

my only advice is when you are comfortable with what you find then stick with that program ONLY. why learn 5% of 5 programs instead of 25% of 1.. all of the above have pretty steep learning curves but anything that's any good does also.


Ian Mc Jul 26, 2008 8:56 PM

I use a big mixture !!!

Started with Picasa and then Faststone then PSE 5 and also Imagenomic Noiseware and Noise Ninja, and still use all of these but mostly PSE 5.

For RAW conversion which I don't use very often. Took about 450 shots yesterday !!!

I use Stepok Raw or Raw Therapee.

If your interested in which part of process for each part of edit will be happy to share.

Cheers: Ian Mc

ennacac Jul 26, 2008 9:33 PM

From a Mac perspective, iPhoto is too crude for DSLR work other than slide shows, but does not work for post processing.

Pentax Photo Lab works great but is SLOOOOW and not user friendly to say the least.

PS2, is great but a bit pricey for many, but that is what I use for the most part.

Aperture, requires a pretty high end Mac to work correctly, but if you have the horse power it is a great program.

Lightroom from Adobe does a good job also, although I did not take the time to really get into it during the Beta stage, but Harriet uses it and likes it a lot.

PSE is a low cost alternative to Photoshop and does a good job for little money on the Mac.


Rickst Jul 26, 2008 9:34 PM

I use Raw Therapee for conversion, Photoshop 7 for some post processing and Paint Shop Pro XI for other post processing. I find it easier to crop and resize in Paint Shop Pro, and it also has "edge Preserving Smooth" and noise reduction buil in. I find Photoshop is better for layers work, levels and sharpening.

penolta Jul 26, 2008 11:08 PM

I am new to the Mac myself, so am more looking for advice than trying to give it, but these are my first impressions. Someone can correct me if I am wrong anywhere. My iMac came bundled with Aperture and iPhoto - iPhoto seems more oriented to organization than editing, and is integrated with Safari for that purpose where it could be useful. Aperture looks like a powerful program, but from what I understand, it is more of a professional work flow application, although more and better editing features have been added to the latest version -- it looks like it has a pretty steep learning curve, so I purchased PSE as I am familiar with earlier versions on the Windows platform and can get up and running faster until (or if) I get conversant with Aperture. I am looking for a quick-and-dirty editor for quickie pp (I used Adobe's Photo Deluxe in Windows) -- I have run the tutorials on the web site of Image Well (which is primarily a small and inexpensive quick and easy uploader of images to web sites) and, while it is no substitute for a full featured editor, I have been impressed with its cropping and other basic editing features -- has anyone here tried it?

Another option, if you have the hardware to support it, would be to run XP (where you have more software options) natively in Bootcamp, or in emulation with either Parallels or Fusion. Personally, I would like to do as much as I can on the Mac side and avoid working in two systems if at all possible, although I have already run into some issues with the Safari browser.

Biro Jul 26, 2008 11:32 PM

Penolta... Yes, I've thought about running Windows XP via Bootcamp. I am prepared to do it if necessary but, like you, I try to keep myself on the Mac side just to keep things smooth and simple. And, apart from photography, I hear you when you say you've run into some Safari issues. So far, it seems like Photoshop - and its variants - is by far the favorite.

Rodney9 Jul 26, 2008 11:52 PM

On my G4 Mac Mini I use singularly or a combination of Photoshop Elements v4, Preview, EasyCrop and PicMark. I have found these the best on my old machine.

PSE4 ( PSE v6 is now out) is best for more intensive changes, layers etc.

Preview (comes with all Macs) is quick and easy for simple fixes to colour, exposure etc.

EasyCrop ($12)is very good at what is says and does, you can set your crop by pixel and/or KB's and it does not remove the exif information as does PSE in 'Save for Web'.

PicMark (Freeware) is good for adding borders and watermarks but unfortunately removes the exif.

A few others that some swear by are Aperture, Lightroom, LightZone, Pixelmator, Iris, Binuscan's PhotoRetouch Digicam and Bibble, unfortunately they are all to slow on my G4 Mac.

If you have a recent Intel iMac I would give them all a go, they all have download demos, and see which ones you like.

Then use AppZapper or AppCleaner ( FreeWare ) to delete everything they put on your Mac with the demos.


ennacac Jul 27, 2008 12:26 AM

Aperture 2 is the only version that almost replaces Photoshop completely, version 1.5 is more of an organization program.


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