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It will make the camera larger and a little heavier. However, having had a grip for both the K10D and the K20D, I wouldn't be without one. I love the extra height it gives the camera, makes it much easier to hold and hold steady. I like the extra controls for when I shoot vert. photos and the extra battery power means even with a full day of shooting I don't have to worry about changing batteries. The best $130 I ever spent.

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One more little thing about the grip -- I think it adds to the perception of the photographer as a "Pro" who is SUPPOSED to be shooting at an event (as in -- "who but a pro would have such a honking big camera?. . .:-)).

All I know is that I've found most people (and some security personnel -- who sometimes barely seem to qualify as people. . .:roll much more positively responsive to me (as opposed to annoyed:-)) at events. It's kinda stupid, I know, but I'll take any advantage that I can get.

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I tried to use a K10 with grip right after I bought my K10 and discovered that the extra size was too much for my short fingers to use either manual focus or zoom lenses very well - I tended to have to hold the camera's weight completely in my right hand, rather than resting the weight on my left. It was just too heavy and awkward for my small hands. I would like to have the controls for vertical shooting, but that would be the only time I'd want it. Not compelling enough for me to buy, especially since I can carry extra cards, batteries, etc. in my camera bag.

It's a very personal thing - as you can see, you either love it or hate it.
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I have the grip for my K10D and although I have never taken it off I do see some disadvantages.


1 - the vertical grip is great for me, I tend to shoot a lot of vertical compositions.
2 - the extra SD cardand the IR remote, very convenient to always have them with you.
3 - I do like the balance of the camera with the grip.
4 - the "wow" factor. Don't get me wrong, the general (non photographer) public see camera size as a form of credential. When you are shooting at an event the larger your camera, the more seriously people take you. This is not a show-off thing but the perception of people around you.


1 - it no longer fits in my Lowepro toploader zoom bag (and awkwardly fits in most of my other bags)
2 - it does make a heavy camera even heavier.
3 - it has to be removed to replace the camera's internal battery (not as convenient as the solution provided by other manufacturers)
4 - the camera no longer sits securely on a table when a longer lens is installed.
5 - it no longer fits my Stroboframe camera flip flash bracket.
6 - the converse of the "wow" factor, it is hard to do candids with a larger camera because people are more prone to notice you.

Since I also own a DS I just take the camera that best suits my plans for that day, and I take both if photography is my main "focus". I think if the K10D were my only camera I may not leave the grip in place all of the time.

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I've got the battery grip and I love it. Much better grip for me, also like the looks and storage for an extra battery and my remote control device inside the grip.

It's heavier for sure. But I'm a big guy (6'3", 230 lbs) and I like the extra grip surface area it gives me for my big mitts.

As others have said, personal preference. For a smaller person, possibly the weight and the size of the grip, may ot work as well, as it does for me.
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" 1 - it no longer fits in my Lowepro toploader zoom bag (and awkwardly fits in most of my other bags)"

Try putting the K10D and grip in the bag sideways which worked for me when it would not fit sitting the normal way.

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Old Aug 12, 2008, 6:35 AM   #17
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I agree fully that the choice of the grip is entirely a matter of personal preference and shooting patterns. I bought a grip when I first got a K10d and simply moved it over to the K20 when I upgraded.

I have large hands that mean that the camera is difficult for me to handle without the grip. In addition to the fact that I do a lot of vertical compositions, fatigue is far more pronounced if I shoot for a long period of time without the grip. Final factor for me is camera safety. I just feel I am holding the camera much more securely when I'm holding the grip. This came in handy last weekend when I was wading in some shallow water to get the angle I wanted on a portrait shot and slipped on a rock. I was able to control the camera and get it down smoothly to a dry spot before I concentrated on getting myself down without a big splash. (Both operations were a success, thank you.)

I would not be without the grip, but I cannot disagree with any of the Cons that have been outlined in this thread. It is definitely bulkier, heavier, and more obtrusive with the grip attached.

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The battery grip is worth it if you use it obviously. It varies with each person due to hand size, ease of use and the other uses you have for your camera. If you shoot on a tripod, stroboframe it can bea bit cumbersome. I find the opposite for candid shooting myself. The added weight is minor to me. The balanced feel I get is more important and the plus for having to be able to keep my camera on and shoot for a longer period of time valuable to me.


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I found the other day when I was shooting the Sunflowers in vertical mode without the grip, it was surprising how difficult it became the longer I kept shooting.

The grip makes that sort of shooting a snap and makes it no less tiring than shooting horizontal.

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I've had my K10D for about a year now. When I got it, I told myself that one day I'd get the grip. I never did, and I have not had one experience to date where I said to myself, "Dang! I wish I had gotten that battery grip!".

In other words, being without it has not hindered me yet. Kind of a different way of looking at the issue, I suppose.
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