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DPreview.com finally got around to reviewing the Pentax K200D. And - what do you know? - it garnerd a "highly recommended" rating. Check it out:


Meanwhile, I'm not sure I agree with their conclusion that the K200D's jpgs are too contrasty and over-sharpened. What do other K200D owners think?
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it's not highly recommended but highly recommended (when you shoot in raw)
best comparable with the (just) with the k10d.

it's the same story over again, they keep taking the results they get from one brand of camera's and take that as the standard all the other have to live up against, or better how much a lookalike they are for that standard.

so the k200d jpg's are for as far as I see them not too contrasty or over-sharpened, in the shots on the site I do find that they retain more detail than the competition on the other hand the raw images that are compared have lost that extra detail and look a lot more like the rest. Again proving how much they work towards what they think the result should be and not what the result could be.

just my 5c

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