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Amazing shots, that first one with the wing blur is even more amazing.
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Thanks everyone. Catching some " in flight" shots was one of my goals for the morning and I was pretty happy with what I got, just wish the focus had been better on a couple of them.

GW, composition was certainly not a factor until it was time for post processing; anything good there was just luck I am afraid .

Jay, mind you asking? Heck no, thank you for asking!

1. With the 105mm macro, how far away were you from the subjects?

1:1 with this lens is about 7 inches but I was not at there for any of the in flight shots. These ranged from maybe 10" to 18" as a rough guess.

2. Exif shows a small aperture and slower shutter speed...were these hand held with SR in use?
Yes on hand held and yes on SR. I was aiming for as deep a DOF as possible and really wringing out the my Sigma 500 flash gun. Last year I would have been trying these using available light and f/8 but Roy has convinced me that a flash in nearly a necessity for macro.

3. What kind of flash did you use (i.e. pop up or external)...and how did you end upwith the wings in motion with the use of a flash:?
Oops, answered half of this already. At the regular sync speed of 1/180 the wings are moving too fast to freeze frame I guess.

Jon, it is not us that are weird, it is those people who don't realize how much fun they are missing!

Thanks ya'll,

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