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My wife and I this afernoon headed out this afternoon for a local festival but changed our minds when we saw a traffic and parking nightmare. It wasn't yet time for us to go out to dinner, so to kill time, we drove out by the fish hatchery where I often shoot. At first, I thought the trip was a waste, but I decided to click a couple of shots at a large bird in the distance. I was stunned when I blew up the image (100% crop).

It was a surprise because this is about two months before we normally see eagles in Arkansas. We decided to stick around to see if he would come back for a better shot. Unfortunately, he didn't, but we did get to see flocks of ducks and geese (The geese are semi-permanent residents on the hatchery grounds.)

But the highlight of the visit came when a group of ospreys showed up for dinner. This was the first time I had ever seen an osprey in Arkansas, although I've always read that we have them. A fish hatchery is an open buffet line for these guys, and I wound up seeing as many as four at a time. One was particularly cooperative, circling over me at fairly low altitude, turning at different angles so I'd have the widest variety of shooting angles. (A couple of these are near full-frame shots.)

Nothing matched the excitement, though, of when one would turn downward in a power dive

Finally, my osprey friend that had modeled for me caught his supper and showed it to me

All shots with the K20 and Bigma, hand-held. The eagle, ducks, and geese, as well as some of the osprey shots, were shot at ISO 1600 because some forgetful old man forgot to check it before he started shooting.

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Nothing wrong with ISO 1600 Paul. You should use it more often. These are great!!!!

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Wow, great shots, I love the lined up geese.
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You have a lot longer reach than my 300mm . Also K20D gives you a bit more crop room . Nice work indeed

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that line up of geese is very impressive
and i like the osprey shots too
you handled the lens very well

i sure relate to forgetting to check iso
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Old Sep 21, 2008, 11:07 AM   #6
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Hey Paul,
looks like your day of shooting turned out a lot better than mine did yesterday.
maybe I should try 1600!:-)

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great shots

i especialy like the 1st osprey pic

well done
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Old Sep 21, 2008, 5:52 PM   #8
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A good day, I'd say. Better than the crowds of a fair in all ways. Love the osprey.
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