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The following press release was dated 9/22/08 (yesterday)...not sure if y'all knew about this already (i.e. perhaps I was asleep at the wheel:?).


A preliminary review can also be found at http://www.dpreview.com/news/0809/08...axkm.asp#press

Ithoughtmodels such as the DL, K100/K200had features that would appeal to boththosestepping up from a P&S as well as those with experience but a limited budget (as was the case when I purchased my DL 3 years ago). I'd rather that Pentaxdevote their resources to further improving the"pro" qualities of their DSLR models and lenses versusdeveloping and marketing a strictly entry level DSLR. Perhaps theyare keeping up with the Nikon D50, etc. Any thoughts....?
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Hi Jay

I have To agree with you. They seem To Be concentrating on the low end units. From what i read its just a dumbed down K200D. I Think The K200D Is a great place to start.
Pentax should Be improving the higher end Cameras. Maybe like improving the Buffer on the high end cameras to help Some With Sports Etc. Fulll frame Also.

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Old Sep 23, 2008, 9:05 PM   #3
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I like the fact they are offering an entrance level camera. Just because they are doing this doesn't mean they aren't looking to improve the upper end too. Sometimes too much is read into an action by a manufacturer, but without full inside info the read is really a guess. Nothing there to bet the farm on!


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bigdawg wrote:
I like the fact they are offering an entrance level camera. Just because they are doing this doesn't mean they aren't looking to improve the upper end too. Sometimes too much is read into an action by a manufacturer,* but without full inside info the read is really a guess. Nothing there to bet the farm on!

I'm with Dawg here.
1. The entry level was pretty much abandoned with the K200 with its relatively high price and its weather sealing.
2. With a shakey worldwide economy, I think that maybe the entry-level might be a lucky concentration for Pentax to take at this time.
3. The entry level is important to establish and maintain a marketing base. We're talking about a company that is looking to capture a bit more marketing share with a relatively limited budget.

The K20 and K200 are due for upgrades around the second quarter of 2009 (one year), so around PMA is probably when they'll be released.

With the K2000 capable of a bit faster continuous rate than the K20, I'd be guessing that we'll see even a higher rate on the K20 and K200 upgrades. The rumor is that we'll see two new DSLR models at that time. I'd like to see a SAFOX IX very quick and accurate focusing K20DS myself. . . they could leave the rest of the K20 the same and I'd be a happy camper.

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Yup, I agree. In todays' economy, price is very important. With the K2000, Pentax was able to present DSLR newbies a very competitive product with almost no development expense. I say they're being smart. Nonetheless, I still love my K200D, falling as I do in the category of experienced photographer with a limited budget and a desire to spend what extra money I have on good/great glass. The K200D remains an excellent starting point and should serve one's needs for a long time.
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Old Sep 24, 2008, 7:22 PM   #6
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I am taking this as a good thing as well. They have a much better chance of selling their upper tier cameras to someone who is using a K2000 than they would someone using a D50. The entry level market is very important for Pentax's long term prospects. I also like the kit approach they are using, even the basic hot shoe flash they are including is a step up from a pop up flash (at least for picture taking if not for convenience) and gives the kit an added value appeal for a new camera buyer.

Now Pentax just has to penetrate retail markets more effectively. The Circuit City in our area carries Dslr cameras from every other major manufacturer except Pentax (I am not counting Sigma as major here). If people shopping for an entry Dslr can't see and hold a Pentax, they are going to buy something else.

Edit: I just finished reading the review. Except for the loss of the top LCD, this looks like it would also be an affordable second body option for a Pentaxian with a higher end camera. It might still be an upgrade option for my wife's K100d at some point, I am not sure if she really uses the top LCD or not. I am a little confused as to why they went to the trouble of redesigning the two kits lenses though, they were already pretty small and light to begin with. I think there is a real market for this camera, if Pentax can just get it into stores and visible to the people looking to step up to a Dslr.


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I find it sad to say that new and perceived better is how business is anymore. Bigger, smaller, lighter, and so on. I have been guilty for too long in trying to get or acquire more and more and find I shoot less and less.

Each make is trying to get their market share and try to capitalize in an area that seems to lack the support of the other make.

Pentax needs to somehow get on the shelves with other makes to be an informed hands-on alternative choice.

If I did not get to see and hold a DS when I first bought it, I would have gone with Canon 300D. It was all that there was that was available at this particular store besides the Konica-Minolta 5D which I did not like for my personal tastes.

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I think this is a good offering by Pentax, too. If I just owned the K20, I might be interested in it along with the two lighter lenses as a good day hiking option/second camera. I'm not going to get it since I have the K100 as well. I really hope it succeeds and can capture the buying people's attention.

And I agree that Pentax needs to work on market share - my local camera store had very few Pentax camera equipment on display yesterday (when I was in looking at camera bags) - very sad situation.Another problemright now is that there isn't much difference between the dSLR cameras, nothing to separate Pentax from the rest any more. When I first bought the DS, it wasn't widely known that old Pentax lenses would work so the prices of used lenses was very reasonable. Then they came out with the SR in the K100 and K10, and people jumped on them, buying up all those lenses and driving the prices through the roof. It's not as great an advantage any more, and now Sony has entered the market with SR on their camera - and that takes away a large Pentax advantage.

The K200 is a very nice camera, especially with the weather sealing. However, so many people who are moving up don't think they need it and want something lighter. I know that one of the reasons why I bought the DS was that it was one of the lightest and smallest dSLR cameras on the marktet at the time - thought the D50 was way too clunky and didn't like the XT's viewfinder or grip. I honestly don't know whether I would have bought the K200 as my first dSLR camera if I were buying now (though I'd be perfectly happy to own one now)- I think it's great that they are offering a light-weight choice now.

It's no longer good enough to offer a solid camera - everyone else is doing that, and other people have a MUCH bigger name. How many times have I read in the what camera to buy section about people considering their first dSLR and narrow it down to N and C only because of their name - they've never heard of Pentax (or Oly, for that matter). When someone points out that Sony makes an excellent camera, they'll consider that, too, because Sony is so huge. But Oly and Pentax? Forget it, they aren't aware of Pentax's long history of cameras (or Oly's history either, for that matter)and couldn't care less, either.

I think offering a third, entry model is a very positive step, and I hope they'll come out with a 4th model, a pro model above the K20 level, next year. I'm not going to be interested since I'm happy with the K20 but think it would help level the playing field for Pentax.
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The K2000 appealed to me also when it was first announced. I still use a DL and this looks like a pretty good upgrade for about the same price I paid for the DL. The one hang up I have with the DL is it only has single point or center focusing.

When I noticed the K2000 had 5 point focusing, I thought this would be great. AsI checked out the preview on it. I noticed it was not user selectable, so not understanding how this could work, I asked in Dpreview. I got a nice answer from Roland Mabo over there and I'll share it with you:


So I guess my question is how many of you do use the user selectable focusing and if so how often? Of course both the K200D and K20D have 11 point, which would be better yet. The K2000 is both lighter and smaller than the K200D though and there has been a lot of talk that this would be a nice camera for the pancake lenses. To me a DA40 would be a nice walk around lens on this camera- Bruce
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